Monday, May 2, 2022

Polychrome Phaser Eurorack Effect Demo [Farfisa]

Introducing the Polychrome Phaser.
A 4HP analog circuit adaptation of the 6-stage phaser section from the Italian stallion - Farfisa Polychrome.
Recorded direct, no other mastering or effects.

0:00 | Intro
0:27 | G-Storm 101-VCO and Functions
2:22 | Erica Sample Drum
2:57 | Pittsburgh DNA Symbiotic Waves
4:00 | Juno-106

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Re-introducing Tonus VCF r3 Eurorack Filter Demo ARP 2600 4012

Tonus VCF is back by popular demand.
Still that faithful Eurorack filter adaptation of the early MKI ARP 2600 synthesizers that you know and love w/ some minor improvements.
Sound sources | Capt'n Big-O + Pittsburgh Primary Oscillator B
Recorded direct, no other mastering or effects.

Tonus VCF is a eurorack modular adapation of the ARP 2600 mk1 filter (4012).
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GSE 2xVCA Comparison of versions 1, 2, and 3 Eurorack

Introducing 2xVCA version 3.
This time using BA662F chips.
Version 1 used BA6110.
Version 2 used openlabs BA662 clones.
Is there any difference in sound between these versions?
This is a simple comparison showing all 3.
Recorded direct, no other mastering or effects.

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Monday, April 11, 2022

Boss RE-202 Space Echo [Pedals w/ Synthesizers #12] Demo + Observations

Today I'll demo some synthesizer sounds w/ the Boss RE-202 Space Echo.
And give some honest user opinions at the end.
Is this pedal worth it? Let's see.

Recorded direct, no other mastering or effects.
Just the RE-202 and various synth type devices one at a time.

This video was not sponsored by Boss.
The RE-202 was purchased out of pocket for my own fun.
All opinions are my honest impressions.

0:00 Opening Sounds + Intro
Audio Demos
1:33 w/ Eurorack
2:56 Univox Minikorg
4:11 Behringer RD-8
5:06 SH-101
6:49 Korg Poly-61
7:21 Observations

Thursday, March 10, 2022

JP6-VCF Eurorack Filter Panel Laser Etch Time Lapse [Demo 04]

Time lapse video laser etching an aluminum panel for my JP6-VCF.
Footage is 2x speed.
Audio is from the JP6-VCF.
Sound sources | Capt'n Big-O + Pittsburgh Primary Oscillator B
Delay | FX Aid
Recorded direct, no other mastering or effects.
JP6-VCF is a eurorack adaptation of the Roland Jupiter-6 filter section.
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Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Gyrinx VCF Uninhibited Functional Testing Audio [Demo #4]

Been short on time through the holidays, so I thought I would make a quick video while I work :D
This one is a functional testing routine I'm performing on another batch of Gyrinx VCF modules for sale.
It is very revealing as to the sound character as I quickly run through all of the functions of the filter without thought to sound design.
Sound source is Pittsburgh Modular Primary Oscillator saw and square.
Off camera I have a Batumi for LFO modulation.
Sequencing by Keystep Pro.
No added effects or processing, recorded direct.
Watch your levels using headphones, some harsh tones ahead.

Gyrinx VCF is a eurorack topology of the Synton Syrinx Filter section.
Check my Reverb store for Gyrinx VCF availability

Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Sketchy Labs Freak Shift Eurorack Module [Demo #1]

Today I am auditioning the Sketchy Labs Freak Shift module.
The design is specially derived from the Bode Frequency Shifter.
There are literally sweet spots at every turn of the pots on this one.
In this video I'll briefly discuss this module and patch up some wierd sounds.
The focus is on demonstrating a range of evolving sounds of the frequency shifter.
I'll endeavor to make something more musical using the Freak Shift in a future video.
This video is not sponsored or endorsed by the Doc Sketchy.

0:00 Intro and brief discussion of patching
0:54 LFO as Mod input for phaser type sounds
1:24 Using 2 LFOs for Sine/Cosine modulation
2:55 VCO as Mod input for Frequency Shift sounds
4:48 Sum/Diff outputs for Stereo Spread
8:48 LFO modulating the AUX

Audio VCO | Pittsburgh Primary Oscillator
Modulation VCO | Cre8audio Capt'n Big-O
LFO Modulation | XAOC Batumi

Recorded direct to Tascam DR-05.
No additional effects or processing used.

Thursday, October 14, 2021

Pittsburgh Modular Flamingo [Safari] Patching [Demo #1]

Just got the new Pittsburgh Modular Safari Flamingo module in.
It's a harmonic interpolation device using a previously unrealized method known as center clipping.
Flamingo can deform and undulate your audio sources in new and interesting ways.
In this video I'll discuss Flamingo and make some patches.
The last section will show how well Flamingo processes control voltages.

0:00 Cold Open Sounds
0:20 Introduction
1:14 Patch Explorations
11:15 Using Flamingo for Control Voltages

Flamingo is a limited edition module
Check the Pittsburgh Modular store for availability while supplies last.

Tuesday, September 28, 2021

GSE Patches for ASM Hydrasynth Set 01 is NOW AVAILABLE

You've waited long enough young grasshoppa. My original Hydrasynth patches/presets Set #01 is finally here! 50 glorious sounds, and I decided to make them free to download. Dark atmosphere, fat basses, lush pads, 80s synth. And some really bent sounds coming from a place of pure imagination. Zip file containing 50 original presets in *.hydra file format. Use Hydrasynth Manager to upload the presets to your Hydrasynth.

Download the patches HERE.

The above video auditions the last ten sounds.
You do not want to miss that last patch, it's bonkers.

0:00 041 Strings JX | Super JX Strings
0:13 042 Lo-Fi Mutes | Guitar Mutes
0:28 043 Event Horizon | Lush Pad w/ Sequenced Progression
1:01 044 OK Hydra | Lead w/ Weird Delay Modulation
1:33 045 No Dancing | Cheesy Percussion Thing
1:56 046 TRS Horizons | Bright and Shiny Arpeggio
2:16 047 BrassSynChorus | Brass Lead the way you like it
2:40 048 106 Bass | For all your 80s needs
3:12 049 Breaking Saws | Saws w/ Release that breaks in the low range
3:36 050 Max Altitude | Vocal Pad w/ Saturation

Sorry about the ceiling fan in that video, it's another hot one today :D
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Tuesday, September 7, 2021

SH5-VCF: Beauty & Terror [Demo #3] (no jibber-jabber)

Some Darkscape Eurorack patches featuring the SH5-VCF.
Exploring some near-oscillation resonance sounds.
And frequency modulation of the VCF which this diode filter is so good at.
This time around using Big Sky Reverb and Timefactor Delay.
If you want to hear the naked filter alone the first two demos I made were bone dry no effects :D

I used different colored patch cables, so maybe you can glean what is going on.
If there are questions about that go ahead and pepper me in the comments.

SH5-VCF is all-analog eurorack adaptation of the Roland SH-5 Synthesizer Filter and Mixer.
Check my Reverb store for SH5-VCF availability

As per usual, listening w/ headphones or quality monitors is the best audio experience.
Watch your levels, this is a filter demo w/ some resonance ahead.
Be sure to check out SH5-VCF Demo 02 to see how I made the patches in this video!

Oscillators | Pittsburgh Primary Oscillator B, Cre8audioCapt'n Big-O
Modulations | Batumi, 2xADSR, Delta Soundlabs Mobula Ring Mod
Control + Sequencing | Keystep Pro