Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Pittsburgh Modular Crow [Safari] First Patches Eurorack Filter [Demo #1]

Just got a couple of new Pittsburgh Modular Safari Crow filters in.
Running them through some percussion patches, sounds nice :D

Part I 0:00
Dropped the first Crow into my 2-row percussion rack.
The first demo showing it being used in classic Nicol fashion...
Crow is used in highpass mode on the Feedback Static noise source for high-hat duty.
Hats: Static | Crow HP | Bastl Skis II | Pittsburgh Analog Delay Unit
Kick: Pittsburgh Synth Box LPF self res
Snareish thing: Basimilus | Local Florist
Misc Percussion: Gibbon CV | FR Transient (Sequenced by Varigate 4) | DC571
A pair of Feedback Squeeze compressors strapped on the outputs.
Digitakt sequenced via Erica Midi To Trigger

Part II 3:26
2nd Crow went into the 3-row synth rack.
All sound: G-Storm Transistor-82 | Crow LP
Pitch mod: Pittsburgh Primary Osc B
Noise Type mod: Batumi
Osc/Noise mod: Pittsburgh Toolbox S/H
Crow mod: G-Storm 2xADSR
FX: Timefactor and Big Sky Room setting
Sequenced by Keystep Pro

Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Announcing 2xADSR r1-2 Dual Eurorack Envelope Demo

Today a quick un-edited video announcing the 2xADSR version 1-2 dual envelope. Available as a DIY project or assembled version. Check my Reverb Store for availability. More specs and details at ModularGrid. DIY build info at Muffwiggler.

Tuesday, February 23, 2021

G-Storm Electro 3x Delta VCF Eurorack Filter [Demo #4]

My Delta VCF is now available in black panel.
To commemorate the occasion I made a little demo using three of them.
Delta VCF is a eurorack adaptation of the Korg Poly-61 + Delta synthesizer filter.
Check my Reverb store for module availability

Pittsburgh Primary Osc | Delta VCF #1 | Timefactor
GSE 101-VCO | Delta VCF #2| FX Aid Delay
2x 4027 VCO | Delta VCF #3 | FX Aid Reverb
LFOs | Batumi
Percussion | Digitakt

Mixed on Mackie 802VLZ, recorded straight to Tascam DR-05.
No additional mastering fx or eq.

Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Introducing the JP4 Chorus - Dual BBD Ensemble for Eurorack

Introducing my JP4 Chorus: a eurorack adaptation of the Roland Jupiter-4 Ensemble effect.
Using dual bucket brigade delay lines.
Headphones recommended :D
Check my Reverb store for module availability http://reverb.com/shop/gstormelectro

In this video I will be auditioning basic waveforms from my 101-VCO thru the JP4 Chorus.
Then adding some reverb from FX aid.
Roland Juno-1 basic sawtooth patch thru the JP4 Chorus with the help of a homemade preamp.
Note: while the JP4 Chorus is designed primarily for eurorack signals, you will want an instrument/line preamp module for use w/ external gear like guitars and synthesizers.

0:00 Intro and functions
1:24 101-VCO basic waveforms through JP4 Chorus
3:43 101-VCO to JP4 Chorus to FX Aid (Reverb Swell Wet)
4:40 Roland Juno-1 through JP4 Chorus
6:13 Juno-1 to JP4 Chorus to FX Aid Reverb

Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Electro Beats - Eurorack Percussion Jam ft. Transistor-82

Transistor-82 lo-fi analog is back!
And this time brought along some friends.
Gettin' down with a nice electro jam. Crank that.

Recorded straight to Tascam DR-05.
No additional processing or mastering.

Patchnotes : timestamps where each layer is best heard.

| Bass sweep + Noise | 0:00, 1:45 dry
GSE Transistor-82 to Pittsburgh Florist
2xADSR to OSC pitch

| Kick | 0:08
Pittsburgh Synth Box [ping LPF] to Feedback CP3-

| Snare | 0:16
Future Retro Transient+ 808 Snare to GSE DC571 to Big Sky

| Hats | 0:00
Tiptop Hats 909 to Feedback CP3-

| Metallic Noises | 3:10
Noise Engineering Basimilus Iteritas Alter

| Additional Noises | 3:34
Pittsburgh Synth Box Tri Out to OSC2 Dannysound Timbre
GSE Pro VCF self-osc to OSC1 Timbre
GSE SH2-VCF self-osc to Timbre CV

For more info on Transistor-82

Transistor-82 is now available again, check my Reverb store for availability

Tuesday, January 26, 2021

GSE Patches for ASM Hydrasynth [Demo02:Patches011-020]

Auditioning more of my original ASM Hydrasynth patches.
This synth is only limited by your imagination.
What shall we hear today?
The entire bank is still in progress, so not yet available at this time.
Please stay tuned.

0:00 011 PerkySyn | dreamy upbeat arpeggio
1:17 012 Negative Space | swirling audio space folded inside-out
1:54 013 Glider | liquid sweep pad
2:31 014 BP Nexus | heavy bandpass pad
3:02 015 Dominion X | dark pad
3:37 016 Arco Heavy | Emulator-style bass/cello attack stroke
3:54 017 At Rest | Tranquil Pad
4:22 018 Space Chimes | big windchime thing + reverb
5:07 019 Symbiotic | chill note order arpeggio
5:28 020 Funky Reality | altered reality guitar

Tuesday, January 19, 2021

GSE KVP Pitch Calibration Procedure w/ Korg MS-20 + Keystep Pro

In this video I will be showing how to calibrate my KVP (Korg Voltage Processor) module.
While I test and calibrate the tuning of all modules, re-calibration may become necessary when the settings get too far out of whack.
I will give some helpful tips as well as a detailed step-by-step explanation of the calibration process.

This video is of a technical nature.
If you're wanting basic information about the KVP and its uses, be sure to check out my other video
and on ModularGrid

0:00 Intro, Helpful Tips, Setting Up the Keystep Pro
KEYSTEP PRO: Global Setting CV Base Note = C-2
2:28 V/OCT to Hz/V Calibration
Be sure to trim FREQ with the "low C" note
And trim WIDTH with the "high C" note.
7:01 Hz/V to V/OCT Calibration
Be sure to trim FREQ with the 'A' note
And trim WIDTH with the "high C" note

Keep in mind the KVP is an analog signal converter, controlling an analog MS-20 synthesizer. And when converting Hz/V to V/OCT, we may be also using the MS-20 to control yet another analog VCO device. Given these things, the pitch won't be absolutely perfect - but the base frequency and tracking should be well within musically acceptable margins.

Tuesday, January 12, 2021

GSE Patches for ASM Hydrasynth [Demo01:Patches001-010]

Auditioning the first block of my original ASM Hydrasynth patches.
You'll never know... the hours requred to meticulously sculpt each sound
from the initialized patch. That's just how I roll.
Especially getting #003 Stringer dialed in.
The entire bank is still in progress, so not yet available at this time.
Please stay tuned.

0:00 001 Expanse - intergalactic pad sweep
0:33 002 Tech Stab - tech house
1:03 003 Stringer - 70s String Synthesizer
1:58 004 Pepsi Float - juno-ish 80s Synthwave
2:24 005 Rubarb - lo-fi stab + reverb
2:41 006 Urbanite - delayed stabby thing w/ AT
3:22 007 Digital Rain - 90s digital pad
3:57 008 Glasswave - wavetable pad sweep
4:30 009 Plinko - game sounds, decent for arpeggio
5:13 010 Poly Sweep Res - 70s synth sweep, try the chord mode!

Tuesday, January 5, 2021

G-Storm Electro Synthesizer Studio/Lab Tour 2021

Let's kick 2021 off w/ a proper bang.
Today I am giving you a tour of my Studio/Lab.
It's where I make the music and build the eurorack modules.
background music: Oberheim Matrix-12 + Digitakt
Be sure to check out my STUDIO TOUR PART 2 only on my FB page!

Thursday, December 3, 2020

Feed External VCOs into the Korg MS-20 Synth using KVP [Quick Tip]

Quick Tip using the KVP to send external VCOs into the MS-20.
KVP stands for Korg Voltage Processor, and is derived from the vintage
MS-02 voltage processor no longer in production. As you're already aware, you can use KVP to convert eurorack pitch (v/oct) to the Korg standard (hz/v). And use your sequencer to control the MS-20....

But what about the other (Korg hz/v)-to-(Euro v/oct) pitch converter?
Sure! Use the MS-20 to control your eurorack VCOs.
Take it only one step further to send the external VCO output INTO the MS-20 external input.
To add more VCOs to the MS-20 oscillators for big fat sound.
I will show you how to patch it up.
It works for the vintage MS-20, the MS-20 Mini reissue as well as the Behringer K-2.
And any manufacturer synth using the Hz/v standard.

Some shaky cam footage, I threw this one together in haste...but don't hate :D Hit that LIKE, COMMENT & SUBSCRIBE now.

Some fx added
Delay: Timefactor
Reverb: Big Sky

KVP and many other cool eurorack modules are available in my Reverb Store
Recorded direct to Tascam DR-05.