Sunday, August 17, 2014

Yamaha TX81Z FM Synth Sounds Demo 2

The patches can be downloaded on my download page

Continuing sonic explorations of TWO TX81Z FM Synthesizer Tone Generators this time. Each unit chained for even/odd notes: one panned slightly left and the other to the right. Sounds are outrageous in the dry state but can be made completely preposterous with the Big Sky reverb.

Here's a rundown of the sounds:
0:09 Cymbiosis - Synth pad with cymbal harmonics.
0:38 Ritual - dark tribal bass. Add huge reverb to this one.
0:53 Darknights - Smooth filtered sawtooth with swell.
1:16 Heavyw8 - Super fat bass. Start your own earthquake.
1:33 Wowabass - It literally says wow.
1:44 Drum kit bass drum, snare, tabla, hats
2:34 Sawtopia - Smooth sawtooth pad w/ organ swell.
3:10 Saw Bass - Bread and butter bass.
3:19 Fortress - Super dark cello w/ vibrato.
3:51 Transistor - Hot pad inspired by the Novachord, transistor hum
4:20 Sync Bass - The way FM can bass
4:31 SmakMyBass - Prodigy Fat of the Land Bass on steroids.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Exploring The SH-101 Plug-Out Roland Aira System-1

The focus of this demo is the SH-101 plug-out: down-n-dirty short basses, basic arpeggios, and sequences from Arturia Beatstep. I don't have an original SH-101 so I can't comment on how similar it may be. I stayed away from tone/crusher and kept the delay/reverb to a minimum just so you could hear the SH-101 sound engine in all its monophonic glory. Some backing rhythms provided by SCI Drumtraks and Roland MC-303.