Thursday, January 24, 2013

GSE Synthesizer Patch Downloads

I will be using this post to manage my download links.  As files are added or updated it will all happen right here. To open the zip archives I use WinZip for windows, and Archive Utility for macs. For help with MIDI sysex file transfer (all synths except System-1 and Venom) check out this post. For the Roland System-1 and M-Audio Venom, you will need to refer those manufacturers for their file transfer methods.

My selected synthesizer patches are ABSOLUTELY FREE to download.

Did you know I have some interesting things listed on Reverb? Check it out now.

Yamaha TX81Z Patches Bank #2
Behringer Model D Patches 001-010
These patches are JPG-format images. These old school type synthesizers don't have a way to save/recall patches, you will need to program your synthesizer parameters as you see in the images.
Matrix-12 RandomPatches
This is the bank of completely random patches from my video 'Matrix-12 Pure Noise Chaos Demo #8'. Before uploading these to your synth be sure to back up your own sounds first!
Roland Alpha Juno-1/2/MKS-50 Patches
Juno-1/2/MKS-50 note: Alphabase software is recommended, but MIDIOX works as well.
Alesis Andromeda Patch Set 2
Alesis Andromeda Patch Set 1
Kawai K5000S Patches floppy disk image
Roland System-1 Patches
Moog Sub37 Patches
Roland JX-8P Patches
Yamaha TX81Z Patches Bank #1
Oberheim Matrix-12/Xpander
Oberheim Matrix-6/6R/1000
Avid/M-Audio Venom


Viktor said...

Fehler 111 (net::ERR_TUNNEL_CONNECTION_FAILED): Unbekannter Fehler.
I still can't download the Venom patches :((

G-STORM said...

Sorry I lost connectivity in dropbox and had to re-link them, again. Try it now and let me know if any more issues arise. -g

Foxinni said...


I also have an Andromeda. I would love to try these patches but I've tried to push patches onto my memory card before and it caused the card to freeze my entire machine. Had to format my card and lost all my personal custom patches. Was a bad day.

I wouldn't mind getting a additional (obviously rare) card to just experiment with Sysex-ing stuff across. How do you upload patches?

We should chat. Email me at foxinni at gmail. I got some ideas we need to chat about regarding our passions.


Unknown said...

will try the andromeda and matrix patches tomorrow. looks cool.
next up I'll go ahead and ask if you have any cool korg ex8000 patches around since I've seen you demo a dw8000 on youtube.

I had a dw8000, sold it, and eventually decided I wanted that sound back for a variety of reasons so I picked up the ex8000. just trying to get a jump start on hearing it sound good for the kind of music I (we) like.

GDStudios said...

G Storm Electronica,

I just purchased an Oberheim Matrix 6, and I would love to download your great sounding patches. The only problem is I do not know how to back up my preset patches. I use an Mac computer and SysEx Librarian. When I press record on the computer then go to Master then 11 to "Send All" I press >> (this should be interpreted as Yes, right?) but nothing happens. Do you have any suggestions before I download your patches? Also I have a midi cable connection to midi out and a 1/4 cable to audio out to my audio interface. I really enjoy you music and your epic patches!

G-STORM said...

Make sure system exclusive is enabled on the Matrix-6. After selecting '11 Send All" you'll need to press the 'value' soft button under the display. When it says 'ready' then press the 'yes' button. Confirm the bank was sent properly by re-writing a patch name with one character of the name changed, then transmit the data from the computer back to the matrix-6. Note that re-loading the bank will not overwrite the current patch, which is just a temporary edit select the next patch and then go back to it and it will show whatever was written to patch memory. Hope this helps. -g

Ferrochrome sux said...

Thanks for posting these patches G-storm this is fantastic, if I only get the patches into my 6R. I'm having trouble transfering with midi-ox. The Matrix is recieving the MIDI, but no changes in patches.

Running MIDI-OX from win7 64bit. RME UFX soundcard midi out into Matrix 6r.

Master Edit:
01 Omni mode : ON
02 Controller : ON
03 Patches : ON
04 Systemx : ON

This should be it, right? Maybe I need to edit settings in Midi OX or should default MIDI OX settings be OK?

I'll be greatful for any help!

Ferrochrome sux said...

Forgot to mention that software version is 2.13. And transfering Sysex from the Matrix apparently works fine.

GDStudios said...

G Storm Electronica,
Thanks for your help, I was able to download the backup of the patches. Now I am unable to send them to the Matrix 6. Do you know the procedure to receive SysEx (should I use the Cassette tape input)?

Unknown said...

Oh …found the link…Thanks to share your amazing work!

markyboy said...

Thanks a million for these!

GDStudios said...

G storm,
I am still having troubles with sending patches to my Matrix 6. I have searched the internet but have found no solution. I am using a may with SysEx librarian, and an audio midi interface. I do not have a cassette player, I am able to backup patches but I am not able to transmit them. Do I need to have any menus open on the Matrix.
Thanks for your help in advance.

G-STORM said...

Confirm midi channel matches, and sysex is turned on in the master edit settings. Also, patches uploaded to the Matrix-6 will not reveal themselves until another patch is selected.

Candy said...

I can't unzip the Venom Patches file once I download it, it says "the archive is either an unknown format or damaged" - any help? thanks

scott c said...

the matrix-6 patches are so amazing. I have spent a lot of time with the matrix and I'm still getting so much from these. Thank you so much for sharing.

Moises_cobrenguero said...

Hey! How I can install the venom patch? Im new in the venom synth. Grettings from chile.

Moises_cobrenguero said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Moises_cobrenguero said...

Do you have more sounds to the venom?

G-STORM said...

You will need the software that came with the synth on CD. If not you may be able to download it. From there you will be able to not only manage your own sounds, and import the sounds from the interent, but also have access to deeper editing capabilities within the Venom.

G-STORM said...

Maybe in the near future, but not yet as of now. Working on new album and many other great projects at the moment.

Unknown said...

My mac will not open the patches and it is saying it cannot read or open the files.
Is there a program for this thanks so much. Your sounds are rad!!!

Unknown said...

Having trouble loading the jx8p patches with midiox. what program do you recommend?

Mr. Clem said...

Which plugout was installed for the System-1 plugout patches?

Unknown said...

Many thanks for the Sub37 & A6PatchesG-Storm_01-27-2013. Will you be adding 'Andromeda Analog Synthesizer Ecstasy' patches soon?

G-STORM said...

You're welcome :) I will post new A6 patches when my A6 modular mayhem demo is done. Getting a Korg 770 ready for a synth meet is taking priority right now.

G-STORM said...

I'm not sure. Either SH-101 or SH-2 if that helps.

G-STORM said...

It should work if the midi port is present and active. Just make sure the buffer size matches the patch size and maybe add some delay between buffers. Sorry it took so long getting back, I just resolved an issue with my reply feature.

Unknown said...

look forward to that one too! cheers :)

uublr said...

Thank you for making these available

Unknown said...

Awesome, thanks again!

Stakker said...

The TX81Z patches are AMAZING, thank you so much!

Unknown said...

Hello G-Storm, I am trying to install the JX-8P patches via a mac. I can download your patches to the computer but my computer isn't detecting the JX-8P to load them unto it.

Any suggestions?

Unknown said...

I can't afford a real Matrix 12, so I got an Arturia copy of this awesome synth. I don't know if you could port this sounds to the Arturia's version of this synth. I saw your youtube videos and the stuff sounds pretty sick! It reminds me a lot of one of my favorite musical group: Telefon Tel Aviv. Anyways, thanks! :D

Anonymous said...

Hi the links are broken

Anonymous said...

Tanx for the effort !

Brendan said...

Loved your demo of the System-1 so much that I decided to buy one.
The patches don't seem to want to load through the librarian software.
I was wondering if you could give me some pointers on reconstructing the last sound from your awesome video?

G-STORM said...

@Brendan I have a few videos, I'm not sure which one. The system-1 patch load process is straightforward, just download the drivers from Roland. Follow the instructions to sync the System-1 w/ computer, and drag-and-drop the necessary files to the system-1 folder. is an excellent resource to help suss out specific issues. Thanks! -g

Brendan said...

Thanks for the info!
Sorry the video I was referring to was the 5 Mins W/ System-1.
Sorry for the n00b questions, synths are all new to me. :)

Unknown said...

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Socrates Points said...

Thank you, G-STORM, for the A6 patches. They are helping me get over my brain-block/learning curve of the Andy. Wondering, however, would you be kind enough to share a few patches that are not available in the two sets but are heard in the Synthesizer Intensity video? They are the following patches: Analog Retro, LFO Sweepmatic, Pearlite, MotionControl, Complicated, Hall Strings, Watery Tart, and Steller Portions. All of them sound fantastic but will also help me with programming and routing. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Hello Sir G-Storm,
Your Roland JX-8P patches are awesome! Do You have plans to publish more patches for JX-8P? That would be very much appreciated! Thank You very much! =)
Best, Proteus M

Unknown said...

I tried to load the Moog patches in my Sub 37, but they don't load

cristian said...

Thank you very much for the TX81Z patches!
It could be possible to download the awesome drum sound set form the
"Yamaha TX81Z FM Synthesizer Demo #3 Alpha Wave" video as well?

robby said...

Would you share your Ensoniq VFX patches from your youtube demo please!!!!

stesse2 said...

Plz can you restore the Venom patch set ? TIA !!

Sergey Pilipchak said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot for sharing your TX81z patches !!! They are really inspiring and sound beautiful.
You rock !!!

Unknown said...

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Lars said...

Thank you for supplying these lovely patches for free :-)

I have a question though about reading the Behringer Model D patches. When a control is just white, I figured it means that it doesn't really matter how it is set, But in some patches it matters a great deal?

For instance in the "Massive" patch the finter must be on Lo, otherwise it gets funny.

Is there a convention what to do when a control is left blank?


Lars Birkmose, Denmark

Anonymous said...

Thanks man.
Positive vibes back atcha ++++
x75 captchas later...I'm NOT a I??
Still patches
Adds more txt...more captchas!!

bftucker said...

Thank you! I came to your site after hearing of your work with the TX81z but I own many of the synths you have created patches for, even a Venom.