Thursday, November 29, 2012

Update from the studio

First I want to thank everyone for their feedback on my synth tutorials. Making these videos takes quite a bit of time but felt strongly they were worthwhile in helping others get the most out of these synths. It is greatly rewarding to hear from you. And now the holidays are upon us, always a busy time. While I am toiling with vexing electronic file delivery issues for my plugins, some other interesting things are going on.

Recently acquired a standard Korg Wavestation keyboard and exploring some of its potential. As with many synths of this age it needed a new lithium battery which was a very simple process. Alas, the Wavestation also had to be completely disassembled to have the tactile switches cleaned. The backlight has also gone out on it causing a faint whine of the current driver not pushing anything. This hasn't stopped me from programming the synth so I'll probably ignore the issue for now.

Lastly, I am recording a new track called Magnum, which has been kicking my ass for some time but making great strides now. To me some of the greatest works in art and music have been labored tirelessly over a period of time.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Alesis Andromeda Tutorial 5 - Tempo-Synchronization

Diving into the Andromedas arpeggiator or sequencer can sometimes be unpredictable. Sometimes they seem to do something unexpected, or worse, nothing at all. Hopefully this tutorial will be able to shed some light on the Andromedas tempo-synchronization functions.

0:05 Introduction and The Clock Module
1:16 LFOs
5:26 Arpeggiator
7:25 Sequencer
11:21 Tempo Synchronizing the Digital Delay Effects