Monday, March 19, 2012

A6 Alesis Andromeda Synthesizer Intensity

All original programmed sounds are by G-Storm Electro.

You may begin to feel some side effects: sleep deprivation, sudden inexplicable loss of time and missing appointments, difficulty breathing, skipping meals, excitability and rapid heart-rate. I have the strong feeling these sounds are just scratching the surface of what the A6 is capable. The selected programs represent approximately a decade of programming this beauty. This demo runs through a full range of different sounds condensed into a short time span so please don't expect a full-on Grammy winning performance here.

Index of selected sounds, and my tracks that used them...
0:15 D-Fifths. Super-thick Analog Pad. RE: Aerial
0:22 Vintage Monster. Analog Pad.
0:33 Mega BassTrigger. RE: Spaced Out Beauty
0:40 MemoryBass. MemoryMoog Stacked Bass sound.
0:52 Cutter Bass. In your face bass.
0:58 Analog Retro. Arpeggio/Sequence.
1:13 Sweep Revenge. Ominous 6-Voice synth stack sweep.
1:20 LFO Sweepmatic. Sweep Pad w/ LFO. RE: Miranda By The Sea
1:35 Pearlite. Driving sequenced mod insanity.
1:59 Luscious. Analog Pad Stack. RE: Thermion.
2:12 Intensity. Detuned Lead synth w/ pitch rise. RE: Thermion.
2:30 Magic Of Light. Psychedelic synth texture.
2:54 MotionControl. Superb Arpeggio/Sequence. RE: Miranda By The Sea.
3:08 Choir Phaser Pad. Synthetic Choir w/ heavy reverb.
3:21 Brutal Fuzz. Hard Bass w/ delay. RE: Aerial
3:28 OB Stringtime. My variation from a Factory Patch.
3:35 Sawtooth. Bread-n-butter sawtooth synth patch.
3:41 SuperEnsemble. CS-80/Vangelis type delicate string synth lead.
3:56 Interstellar. Heavily modulated analog lead. RE: Aerial
4:10 Complicated. String/Choir Soundtrack Ensemble w/ heavy reverb.
4:20 Hall Strings. Dense string soundtrack set w/ heavy reverb.
4:35 Slow Pad. Smooth Jupiter-8 style pad.
4:46 Dark Strings. Hard bow strings. Sorry the clipping was coming from my mixer.
5:01 Watery Tart. Pad w/ sound FX.
5:24 Stellar Portions. Epic Pad drenched in reverb. RE: Descendant, Aerial

Monday, March 5, 2012

Venom Reactivator Synth Demo 4 M-Audio/Avid

Download these patches from this post..
Here are some new original Venom patches I've made recently.
- 73 Tines. A smoother EP like Rhodes, Wurlitzer with a digital character.
- SuperJuVee. Thick Roland JV-1080 Soundtrack strings with soft Venom grit.
- Tank!: A loosely Atari-2600 sound effect inspired by the tank game in 'combat' and 'Pole Position'.
- Novachord. Ancient Hammond synthesizer from the 1940's used in eerie old sci-fi movies.
- The Chills. A real spine-tingler that will be used in my upcoming track 'Polar'. (Unreleased patch.)
- Sex Object. Digital or FM-based bowed string inspired by a Kraftwerk track.
- Deep Sweep. Thick analog atmospheric pad.
- Dy$on. Venom does Hoover-style rave genre sounds. Mod Wheel controls suction.
- WoodblkRok. Highly addictive percussive hollow sound for dance music.
- FullChoir. There are a few little tricks to get some male/female formants going.
- SuperGate. Percussive 'thwonk' taking full advantage of the Venom's reverb gate. For dance and pop music."