Monday, March 5, 2012

Venom Reactivator Synth Demo 4 M-Audio/Avid

Download these patches from this post..
Here are some new original Venom patches I've made recently.
- 73 Tines. A smoother EP like Rhodes, Wurlitzer with a digital character.
- SuperJuVee. Thick Roland JV-1080 Soundtrack strings with soft Venom grit.
- Tank!: A loosely Atari-2600 sound effect inspired by the tank game in 'combat' and 'Pole Position'.
- Novachord. Ancient Hammond synthesizer from the 1940's used in eerie old sci-fi movies.
- The Chills. A real spine-tingler that will be used in my upcoming track 'Polar'. (Unreleased patch.)
- Sex Object. Digital or FM-based bowed string inspired by a Kraftwerk track.
- Deep Sweep. Thick analog atmospheric pad.
- Dy$on. Venom does Hoover-style rave genre sounds. Mod Wheel controls suction.
- WoodblkRok. Highly addictive percussive hollow sound for dance music.
- FullChoir. There are a few little tricks to get some male/female formants going.
- SuperGate. Percussive 'thwonk' taking full advantage of the Venom's reverb gate. For dance and pop music."

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