Thursday, June 23, 2016

Modular Mayhem On The Alesis Andromeda Synthesizer

The A6 is virtually a modular synthesizer. You can patch just about any modulation to any destination. This results in sounds that are completely out there. These patches unleash some of the deeper functions of the A6:
0:00 Binary Hell (Computer Glitch)
0:30 R2 On Drugs (Droid Malfunction)
0:56 Squeaker (Rhythmic Percussion)
1:14 Shimmery Clip (Glitch Lead)
1:47 Machine Language (Computer Glitch)
2:20 Snappy
2:32 Robot Attack (Sci-fi FX)
2:57 Multiples (???)
3:22 Super Pong (Pong Game on Steroids)
3:51 Kar Ride (Karplus Strong inspired delay feedback)
4:22 Perky Chippy (Percussive Glitch)

These patches are available as A6 Patch Set 02 available now on my download post.
The patches from the A6 Synthesizer Ecstasy demo are also in Patch Set 02.
I have added patch names/descriptions to my A6 Synthesizer Ecstasy demo post as well.

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Ultralight ft. Eurorack DNA Symbiotic Waves Worng LRMSMSLR TR-606

Modular piece featuring the Pittsburgh DNA Symbiotic Waves and the Worng LRMSMSLR mid/side modules. Listening on cell phones and laptops won't do, there's a lot of detailed stereo image stuff happening. So get out your headphones or listen on a decent monitor system.

There's all kinds of stuff going on. Mid is processed through the low pass gate from the Synthesiser Box. The Beatstep velocity is also modulating the VCA there. The Side is processed through the Doepfer SEM filter, controlled by my DIY Dual AR Envelope module. Toolbox sample-hold is controlling the EMW VC Pan and the DNA Balance CV.

The TR-606 is the master clock controlling the Beatstep Pro in slave mode. The 606 is going through a ProCo Rat and then to the Timefactor delay. Recorded direct through a Mackie mixer to a Tascam portable recorder. No other effects or mastering.

For more information on my DIY Dual AR Envelope project check out this post.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Eurorack Dual AR Envelope Project

This is my Eurorack Dual AR Envelope. It takes a trigger/gate in and outputs a simple AR contour. It's not the snappiest attack in the west, but it gets the job done. My objective was to take a simple, cost-effective circuit that could fit on a 6HP panel. I wanted to build the Nonlinearcircuits Triad design, which has three AR envelopes, but did not want to do any SMT soldering. So I opted to layout my own through-hole PCB. I like their circuit for the simplicity, and it uses only easy-to-source parts that I already had on hand. The link to my adaptation of their design is HERE. I have included front panel, hole locations, and the original schematics for reference. I substituted BC547 NPN transistors on mine and they work fine. I measured current consumption at 25mA on +12v, 23mA on -12v, 5v is not used. I am not affiliated with Nonlinearcircuits.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

G-Storm Electro - Aurora (Eurorack, System-1)

Putting my new Euro setup through some paces. Got an EMW VC Panner, 4MS Rotating Clock Divider, Doepfer SEM filter. I use the Sampleslicer at the beginning and end of the piece. Also appearing, a Roland System-1.

Mixed on a Mackie, some Timefactor delay added, recorded direct to a Tascam digital recorder. No computer, mastering, eq, or post work of any kind.