Friday, March 30, 2018

Future Retro Transient+ Eurorack Demo 01

I just got my Transient module back from Future Retro, they have upgraded it to the Transient Plus! The turnaround on this was super-fast! I made a Linndrum-based instrument w/ kick/stick/hihat w/ some modulations including pitch changes. This demo also uses Basimilus and Hats909 as well. Enjoy.

Thursday, March 29, 2018

RM&S Ring Mod & Sub-Octave Generator Eurorack

Square waves and Pulse Width Modulation are among my favorite synth things. However, CMOS Ring Mod to me is like PWM on steroids. Today I am demonstrating my prototype module RM&S. It takes two square wave inputs and derives CMOS Ring Modulation based on the ARP Odyssey. Square wave Input 1 is used to generate -1 and -2 octave Sub-Oscillators. But this module has another trick up its sleeve. An additional output is provided which sums both Sub-1 and the Ring Modulation for a super-fat synth tone!

Monday, March 26, 2018

DC571 Dual Channel Audio Compressor Eurorack Prototype

Headphones or quality audio monitors recommended. In this video I demonstrate a prototype of my new DC571 Analog Dual Channel Eurorack Audio Compressor. It will make your bass lines a little punchier, and your percussion grooves a bit more groovy. The way to operate it is simple - the stronger the input signal, the more it compresses. Use the output make-up gain knob to bring the level back up. Both channels are completely independent of one another - so use it for stereo purposes or for two different instruments if you desire. These will be hand-crafted in limited quantities for sale soon, it will have a black front panel w/ white silkscreen lettering. More details on price and availability to be announced later.

Sunday, March 25, 2018

Testing A Ring Mod + Sub-Oscillator Circuit

In these quick videos I am testing a DIY Ring Mod + Sub Oscillator circuit through my Tonus VCF (ARP 2600 clone of the 4012 filter). The first video is through a Timefactor Delay. The second video I am punching into freeze mode on the Strymon Big Sky for a colossal wall of sound! The Ring Mod + Sub will become a eurorack module, I will give more info on that soon. Sequenced on Arturia Beatstep Pro. Thanks for watching!

Friday, March 9, 2018

Analog Audio Compressor - 1 Minute Demo w/ Eurorack

Today I am testing out an analog audio compressor circuit on the breadboard with a nice percussion groove from Basimilus Iteritas Alter. This analog compressor will eventually become my next Eurorack module. More to be announced when design is finished.
Today's signal path is dead simple:
Basimilus / Delta VCF / Big Sky (Hall Reverb) / Compressor / Out
Clock and Trigger:
Beatstep Pro / Varigate 4 / Basimilus