Thursday, June 28, 2012

Matrix-12 Tutorial 4: Single Mode Master Settings, Multi Mode, Selected Patches

Final Video Tutorial 4 of 4

0:12 Introduction
0:28 SINGLE mode MASTER (global) settings
3:08 MULTI mode
5:18 Selected Patches: Some Insight
- 5:29 Patch = Ringer
- 6:54 Patch = D-Fifths
- 8:27 Patch = Limuidz (Factory Preset)
- 10:33 Patch = XPressiv

Monday, June 18, 2012

Matrix-12 (Xpander) Tutorial 3: Modulations Part II

In this video I continue discussion of MODULATION PAGES used for creating a SINGLE-mode patch.

0:13 Introduction
Focus on Programming:
0:50 Rave Hoover patch
4:23 Hi-Fi Crescendo Deep Chord

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Matrix-12 (Xpander) Tutorial 2: Modulation Part I

In this video I will introduce the MODULATION PAGES used for creating a SINGLE-mode patch.

0:10 Introduction
1:06 Modulation Matrix Theory
1:55 Modulation Pages
2:29 Adding and Deleting Modulation Sources
3:58 Simple Juno Bass Sound
6:44 Classic SYNC Sweep Lead

My next video will continue discussion of modulations and programming a Rave Hoover sound, and a Hi-Fi Crescendo Deep Chord as heard at the end of Tutorial 1.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Matrix-12 (Xpander) Tutorial 1: Intro, Programmer, Primary Pages

This is the first tutorial in a series dedicated to editing sounds on the Oberheim Matrix-12 and Xpander synthesizers.  In this video I will cover the basics of creating and saving a SINGLE-mode patch.  If you already know how to get around in the programming interface you might want to skip this video.  Having a basic knowledge of editing synthesizers, oscillators, filters, LFOs, and envelopes will help get the most out of programing this beast.

The Programmer
Primary Pages
VCO1 Page
VCO2 Page
FM/Lag Page - FM
Tracking Generator
VCF/VCA Page - Filter
VCF/VCA Page - The Amplifiers
Envelopes Page
LFO Page
Name Page

My next video will show how to use the Modulation Source Pages to program a variety of sounds.  Thanks for watching!