Thursday, August 20, 2015

Roland JX-8P Sounds II

JX-8P bank #1 with 30 original patches are now available on my download page. The bank includes all the sounds from demo part I and II. Be sure to backup your own patches safely before loading mine.

Patch List
01 Spacy Rez - resonant pad
02 Bass
03 Eventually - very slow pad
04 HP Stabby - High Pass short stab
05 Sub Outlaw - gratuitous sub bass
06 Novatech - Novation Supernova synth sound
07 String Bed - Nice JX Strings
08 Hollow Pad - Square wave pad
09 Heroics - 80s style bass
10 Fatter 5th - muscular 5th pad
11 Fat Saws - Big Saw pad filter wide open
12 Dark World - dark resonant brooding synth pad
13 Staccat-oh - Synth Staccato
14 JX8PString - Another nice JX string pad
15 StabNRetro - Stabby Arpeggio
16 Euphoria - Arpeggio
17 Melodrama - pad
18 Want2Arp - Arpeggio
19 Sunriser - Sweep
20 Voice Plus - Choir similar to VP-330
21 EasyGlider - pitch glide synth monster
22 Askew - dissonant sound
23 EP - Rhodes type electric piano
24 90s House - Big Fat Square bass
25 SH-Bass - JX8P has some of the SH-101 DNA?
26 ReleaseMe - Short chops produce forever sustaining sounds
27 String-RS - Not so much RS-202 as it may be Solina?
28 Flagship - Brooding Sci-fi film score
29 Plucky Arp - Arpeggio
30 SkyWriter - Big Pad
31 Basic Saw Patch - blank patch

Simple Synthesizer Patch Backup and Loading

This is a simple overview on how to backup and load synth patches to a computer using system exclusive. I am using a MIDI utility program called Midi-Ox that is free online and works very well. The actual steps required to send and receive patch data will vary with different synthesizer manufacturers and models, please refer your product documentation for specifics.

The background music is a clip from my forthcoming track Escape Velocity.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Ensoniq VFX Transwave Synthesizer Dark Soundscapes and Raw Waveforms

BE WARNED, at 3:24 I start to audition one-shots of the raw waveforms in order to demonstrate the timbral nature of the VFX. This will probably sound disconcerting to most people, again YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED....just tune out at 3:24 if necessary and everything will be ok.

The first half of this demo are some original patches I created on the Ensoniq VFX digital transwave synthesizer. This is not a virtuoso performance, just a quick vignette of what the VFX sounds like as an instrument. As mentioned, during the second half of the video I audition the various raw waveforms, transwaves, and the master wavetable called ALL-WAVES.

0:00 Original Patches of dark soundscapes At 3:24 I start auditioning basic waveforms, 3:42 transwave type waveforms, 4:47 more of the basic waveforms, 5:26 a one-shot of the ALL-WAVES wavetable