Sunday, August 16, 2015

Ensoniq VFX Transwave Synthesizer Dark Soundscapes and Raw Waveforms

BE WARNED, at 3:24 I start to audition one-shots of the raw waveforms in order to demonstrate the timbral nature of the VFX. This will probably sound disconcerting to most people, again YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED....just tune out at 3:24 if necessary and everything will be ok.

The first half of this demo are some original patches I created on the Ensoniq VFX digital transwave synthesizer. This is not a virtuoso performance, just a quick vignette of what the VFX sounds like as an instrument. As mentioned, during the second half of the video I audition the various raw waveforms, transwaves, and the master wavetable called ALL-WAVES.

0:00 Original Patches of dark soundscapes At 3:24 I start auditioning basic waveforms, 3:42 transwave type waveforms, 4:47 more of the basic waveforms, 5:26 a one-shot of the ALL-WAVES wavetable


Ryan S said...

These patches are awesome! I just bought an SD-1 myself after watching this video. Is there any chance that you'd be willing to share some of these patches? Thanks!

G-STORM said...

Oops, I've already flipped the VFX and didn't save out any patches. Using the excellent on-board effects really makes the VFX come alive.