Tuesday, September 10, 2019

GSE 101-VCO Audio Only [Demo 3] (Roland SH-101) (No Talking)

Audio only demo of my new 101-VCO with the 101-VCF. The 101-VCO is Eurorack adaptation the Roland SH-101 voltage controlled oscillator. Feeding it various sequences and CVs while changing the settings. At the end I mix an envelope signal with the pitch CV to get a nice PWM Hoover sound, then plug a second oscillator into the Hard Sync.

101-VCO full details at Modular Grid

Recorded direct to Tascam DR-05.
No additional effects or processing.

Friday, August 30, 2019

First Batch 101-VCO Sub-Octave Generator Issue

Attention first batch VCO-101 buyers: I've been hashing over the prototype and noticing some situations result in poor performance of the Sub Octave Generator. I realize this sucks very much now, and would love to make some simple mods to your unit so the Sub generator works brilliantly.

Buyers can ship their unit back to me affordably using first class mail and I'll make the necessary mods, then I'll ship it back at no charge.

FWIW, the second batch boards will have the right mods. Third batch boards will have redesigned PCBs w/ the fix. Thank you for your attention and kind patience.

GSE 101-VCO Complete Overview [Demo 2] (Roland SH-101)

Today I am giving a full overview of my new 101-VCO. The 101-VCO is a Eurorack adaptation the Roland SH-101 voltage controlled oscillator.
While I tune and calibrate the 101-VCO before send them out, your module may require fine Tuning adjustment to suit your system.
Only very small adjustments to TR1 and possibly TR2 should be required.
However the Tuning section of this overview covers the full tune calibration procedure.

0:00 Audio - FM on Pulse + Sub w/ PWM
0:36 Waveforms
1:52 Audio - FM on Triangle
2:06 Tune, Range, FM and FM Type
3:01 Audio - Sequenced Pulse + Sub
3:31 Sync
4:02 Complete Tune Calibration Procedure
6:30 Audio

101-VCO full details at Modular Grid

Recorded direct to Tascam DR-05.
No additional effects or processing.

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

101-VCO First Look Eurorack Oscillator [Demo 1] (Roland SH-101)

Quick 1-minute demo sounding off some waveforms of my new 101-VCO.
101-VCO is a eurorack adaptation of the SH-101 oscillator section.
Including sub-octave generator, octave range switch, and PWM.
Plus FM, Hard and Soft Sync I'll show in a future video.

Filter: GSE 101-VCF
Envelope: GSE 2xADSR
Kick Drum: GSE Pro-VCF in self oscillation + Bastl Skis.
Sequencing: Arturia Beatstep Pro

A more thorough overview is coming soon.
101-VCO full details at Modular Grid

Recorded direct to Tascam DR-05.
No additional effects or processing.

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

GSE Announces the 101-VCO in Red and Blue Panel

GSE is pleased to announce my first VCO module. There are many 3340 VCOs out there, but none like this. The 101- VCO is an authentic realization of the Roland SH-101 voltage controlled oscillator adapted to Eurorack. The 101-VCO packs a dizzying array of the original circuit features sorely lacking from other modules: that lovely Sub-Octave Generator, that snowy Noise Generator, an integrated Mixer section to bring all the waves together, and a dedicated octave Range switch. Most of all - that sound you’ve been wanting. Needing. Waiting.

101-VCO also expands the original features to reveal the full potential of the CEM3340 chip: Triangle wave, Hard and Soft sync, Exponential FM. And 2 flavors of Linear FM: Lo Range to find those vibrato sweet spots, and Hi Range for full-on Linear FM madness. Expand the palette of original sounds using an external CV signal for Pulse Width Modulation that is summed against the initial Pulse Width amount. While the initial PW amount can go right up to the edge of vanishing, PWM can take the Width right down to 0% up to 100% for complete cancellation.

Great care was taken to keep the 101-VCO fully analog circuit as close to the original as possible. Featuring an OnChip CEM3340 re-issue at the core of the design, surrounded by nine 20mm slide pot controls. When this well-calibrated beauty drops into your rack, the CEM3340 pitch tracking might become the standard by which you track your other oscillators. You will always be close to the correct center frequency when you boot your system, there is a fine range +/- 3 semitone Tune slide pot that can get you there. There’s even a 5-pin header on the back panel: it’s for a future planned expansion module (sold separately) providing all buffered, DC-coupled individual wave outputs. Every 101-VCO is meticulously hand-crafted in limited quantities, not mass-produced, and ready to rock your world.

Watch Modular Grid for pricing and Availability.
Be sure to check out my other cool modules available in my Reverb store.

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Tweaking Sounds on a Korg MS20 While Sequenced [Demo #5]

Tweaking sounds on an Korg MS-20 while getting sequenced by Beatstep Pro. I'm using a little circuit that converts the eurorack standard to pitch CV and gate triggers the MS-20 can understand.

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Pro VCF Eurorack Filter First Look [Demo #1]

The Pro VCF is a faithful adaptation of a well-known 4-pole synthesizer filter in Eurorack.
The core of this design lies an Alfa AS3320 filter chip based on the original Curtis.
Let's put the Pro VCF through some paces.

0:00 Opening
0:23 Intro
1:01 Audio
0:19 Features
1:49 Audio
2:04 Input: analog PWM, Saw (Pittsburgh Synth Box)
2:43 Input: Digital Wavetable (E352) (PPG anyone?)
3:22 FM of Cutoff

More info at Modular Grid
Now available in my Reverb Store.
Audio recorded direct to Tascam DR-05.
No added effects.

Sequencing - Arturia Beatstep Pro Pitch CV + gate

Monday, July 22, 2019

Announcing the Pro VCF Eurorack Module

Coming next week: the Pro VCF.
The Pro VCF is a faithful adaptation of a well-known 4-pole synthesizer filter in Eurorack.
The core of this design lies an Alfa AS3320 filter chip based on the original Curtis. Countless synthesizers used the 3320: Sequential Pro One, Prophet 5 rev 3, Drumtraks, Crumar Trilogy, Stratus, Elka Synthex, some Fairlight CMI, Linndrum, Oberheim OB-8, OB-Xa, PPG Wave 2
At full resonance the Pro VCF can self-oscillate.

Two selectable filter slopes: original 24 db/oct, and 12 db/oct.
Two voltage controlled input jacks for frequency CUTOFF w/ signal attenuators.
A voltage controlled input jack for RESONANCE w/ a signal attenuator.
Two signal input jacks w/ individual attenuators. At full clockwise, these inputs can overdrive the filter from most eurorack oscillators and audio sources.

More details at Modular Grid

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Infusor-X [Comprehensive Overview] Eurorack VC FX Bus Switch / 10-Ch Mixer

This is a comprehensive overview of my new Infusor-X Eurorack module.
Switcher mode jumps between your effects modules on the fly – in timing w/ your groove.
MIXER mode is a straightforward 10-Channel Audio Sub-Mixer.

0:00 Quick Overview / Front + Back Layout
1:50 SWITCHER mode
2:50 PROGRAM mode for user CV Breakpoints
5:35 MIXER mode

To learn more about Infusor-X
and for module availability visit Modular Grid

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

My DC571 Lo-Fi Dual Compressor Has Returned

Bringing this one back out of retirement.
Currently available in my Reverb Store.

There's nothing like an Analog Compressor to warm up your sound.
Make percussion grooves a little punchier, bass a bit snappier, and glue the mix together.
My DC571 module has TWO fully independent channels of no-nonsense audio compression made especially to give your Eurorack some of that subltle swingin' groove.
You can even cascade channel 1 output into channel 2 for even more compression.
The DC571 uses an 80s design dual compander chip (still in production) to work its mojo.
Each channel has controls for input level attenuation, output make-up gain, and a true bypass switch.
The DC571 is hand-crafted in USA in limited quantities.