Friday, April 4, 2014


Here's a little thing I whipped out using a Matrix-6 and some reverb.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Cerulean (Darkening Sky Mix)

String Synthesizer Elite Demo

Been a while since I posted. Hope your year is starting off right. I've been trying to suss out some power supply issues on a Matrix-12, and working on remixes. I'll be set to post one soon. In the meantime I had a whim today of a string synthesizer extravaganza....

Presented for your viewing pleasure are three of the creamiest string synthesizer elite: Logan/Honer String Melody II, ARP/Eminent Solina SE-IV, and the VP-330 MKI. Behold these heavenly machines in a side-by-side sound comparison. With a special appearance by my hand built JH Triple Chorus ensemble module, auditioned with a dry Solina signal run through.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

G-Storm Announces Album Release Illuminated Displays

G-Storm Electro announces release an album project Illuminated Displays available at for $10. "It has been 5 years in the making. Perhaps every detail has been over-obsessed. My passion was to make an electronic album that was absolutely unforgettable, multi-layered, and at its core something thought provoking. It is a re-imagining, re-interpretation, a new spin on what electronic music from past eras could have been. I have employed some unconventional methods including re-synthesis and authoring my own plugins. And I have programmed every sample, synth patch, and beats expressly tailored for each track. Hope you enjoy the result as much as I do." -g

Monday, December 9, 2013

VSE Synthesizer Competition

Be sure to check out the Modern Analog Mono synthesizer competition. There is some really good sounds here. One of the entries is mine, can you guess which one? Enjoy.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

ARP Solina Restoration Work

I don't mind a little wear and character on my synths but this project came to me looking like it was in a barfight as seen in the original photo.
Fabricating the cabinet was a much bigger project than I anticipated, but all the hard work has definitely paid off with a fantastic looking piece. The devil is in all those little details - things that make a Solina what it is. Sure I considered something extreme or unique. But I absolutely love the original design, and wanted something faithful to that.

It has been dressed in solid Poplar hardwood with Candlelight stain color from Woodcraft.

I imagined a Solina logo would look spiffy on the back although they were never made that way on this particular version. A graphic in the service manual probably, subconsciously, gave me the idea.

So I trimmed out the logo reveal on a self-adhesive transparency, and painted the area gold.

To finish out the project other work was done:
- Pulled all the keys, cleaned them and inspected the bushings which seem ok.
- I needed two replacement keys, but none were to be found. I explored old school casting methods to fabricate a couple of keys from scratch, no 3-D printers around here. First I had to remove the damaged plastic from the metal frames and glue the new plastics on. The fabricated keys are at C4 and F4, not the raised keys which I should have resolved but maybe later. It was time-consuming and a bit expensive, but in the end I had fun and learned something all new to me. You probably wouldn't know the difference between the way the original keys look or play unless I told you which ones they were.
- Some dead and hanging notes were resolved
- Replaced the big electrolytic capacitors I ordered from Mouser in the power supply and main oscillator board.
- Replaceed slider cap ordered from Syntaur.
- Added a square pilot light from radio shack I fabricated a hole mount adapter for the existing bulb/housing.
This restoration is far from what I would call complete, but this Solina looks, plays and sounds charming again.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Synth Meet 2013 Grand Prairie, Solina Project

Some sights and sounds from Oct 2013 Synth Meet. I left my audio recorder at home so I overdubbed some MS-20 mini during some parts.
The Solina Restoration should be completed this week. More details to follow.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Grand Prairie Synth Meet, Solaris and Solina

Still nothing to report on a title and artwork for the finished album. Soon hopefully.

The Synth Meet this past weekend in Grand Prairie was fantastic. Video to come soon, still editing. Got to test drive the John Bowen Solaris, I'm very impressed. It's got some of the dna of the more mind-expanding wavetable digital synths like the PPG stuff and the classic Roland D-50. It has the classic analog waveforms and Moog filters too. With features like Rotary it can transcend the usual sounds. More on the synth meet coming soon.

Also, I just had to snap-up Brandon's ARP Solina project. I'm a real sucker for string synthesizers, and just realized I had sellers remorse for parting ways with the Solina back in 2010. The synth is complete, chorus circuit is working properly, and the electronics issues of droning notes and a couple of dead keys should be something I can handle. But 75% of the work is likely to be cosmetics.

There are broken keys and the sides and back of the cabinet have been replaced with oak. The refurb job is not high quality and will need to be done right. After taking the case apart, the original bottom and tops are particle board and chipped badly. So a trip to the lumber warehouse and full cabinet rebuild is in order.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Final Touches

Preparing the album for release. Then I'll reveal the title and artwork, and drop the promo video for Spin Down. Remixing and remastering a few tracks for small improvements:
- Miranda, shaving a minute off and improving the clarity of the mix
- Spaced Out Beauty, re-recorded the flat mono bass to stereo
- Cerulean, removing sub-frequency distortion at intro and bass clipping throughout
- and Polar Shift, improve drum clarity.

And then after the album release maybe an EP with remixes from the album tracks.

Other things happening. Restored my Juno-106 by reviving the original voice chips and replaced battery, sounds great. Also, next synth patches/video demo will focus on the Akai AX-80.

Friday, August 23, 2013

It's all happening

The 12th and final track Spin Down will be released very soon.

Peep the track artwork and some stills from the forthcoming promo video.