Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Pittsburgh Modular DNA Symbiotic Waves More Tips-N-Tricks [Demo 3]

Once again we are looking at the DNA Symbiotic Waves dual oscillator: a cornucopia of naked digital synthesis anarchy. Today I will drill down on some more tips for edgy and gritty sounds.

Supersaw! + Detuned Oscillators - Layer Processor
Trying Other Processors with these settings
Small Processing Amounts
Using DNA with a Filter Module
Oscillator #2 Tuning
Modulating Oscillator Mix Balance
The Bizarre FM Delay Processor
Maxxing Out Processor Amounts - FM Reduce
Setting the Mix fully to One Oscillator
Reduce Processor
Switch Processor - Dubstep Wobble

Recorded Direct to Tascam DR-05, no effects.
VCA - Bastl Skis
LFO - Pittsburgh Synthesizer Box
Filter - my SH2-VCF
Note Triggering - Arturia Beatstep Pro

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Akai S900 Sampler Floppy Disk Drive Cleaning [No Soldering]

Floppy Drive on your S900 not working?
Does it take a while to warm up before the floppy starts working right?

You may be able to bring your disk drive back to life and/or improve its performance with a little cleaning and maintenance. In this video I show how the S900 floppy drive can be removed and cleaned with some simple tips.

Why would anyone want to mess w/ archaic floppy disk drives? While USB drive emulators are available which greatly increase the convenience and storage capacity of sample banks...
For me it's nostalgia. I just like floppies, you can still find boxes of blank floppies at thrift stores and garage sales. I also still use cassette tapes, some vinyl, and still buy CDs as well.

These tips may not guarantee results in every situation. The S950 and other samplers may differ in design/construction. However, these tips may possibly help you with other devices like E-mu, Ensoniq, Kawai, etc.

Beware! If you're not confident or experienced in electronic disassembly or repair, there's no shame in taking your sampler to a qualified technician. Floppy drives are delicate and have easily broken parts and bezels. You MUST unplug your sampler before attempting any service inside. Take all necessary precautions regarding static electricity discharge so as to not damage any sensitive electronics inside.

Friday, November 30, 2018

Timeout w/ 4x SH2-VCF + Oberheim Matrix-12 Eurorack DEMO

Taking a much needed break from building modules, to actually play them! Some downtempo/chillout/ambient textures. Four of my SH2-VCF filters are getting fed with:
1) Pittsburgh Synth box, arpeggio
2) DNA Symbiotic Waves, bass sweeps
3) Low Tom Drone using self-osc sine, Bastl Skis VCA
4) Rozendall CEM3340 VCO, arpeggio

Some Delay using Timefactor.
Matrix-12 going through Big Sky.
Recorded live in 1 shot to Tascam DR-05
Some post processing, comp, EQ, etc in Cubase 7.

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

SH2-VCF Reporting For Duty! Eurorack Filter Module Demo #2

Following up on my prototype demo, the SH2-VCF is finished and reporting for duty. My SH2-VCF is a filter adaptation of the Roland SH-2 analog synthesizer filter using BA6110 op amps in place of the extinct BA662 chips of the original.

In this video I'll keep the talking to a minimum and explain how I resolved the BA6110 issue. And then put the filter through some paces including a massive kick drum, and an example track using TWO of these filters.

Be warned - some huge resonant kick drums ahead!
Audio recorded direct to Tascam DR-05 except the last part which has some delay.

0:00 Bass pad w/ two VCOs.
0:27 How I resolved the BA6110 issue.
1:35 Hand crafting these beautiful modules.
1:48 Bass pad + LFO + Resonance
2:04 Brutal Self-Osc Kick Drums (Filter Only)
2:50 Brutal Self-Osc Kicks through VCA (Bastl Skis)
3:25 Two filter Simple Track example, Bass: DNA Symbiotic Waves Delay: Timefactor, Kick: Tonus VCF

Oscillators - Pittsburgh Synth Box + Rozendall CEM3340 VCO
Envelope Contours - 2xADSR dual envelope
VCA - Bastl Skis
Sequencing - Arturia Beatstep Pro Pitch CV + gate

Check out my SH2-VCF and other cool modules available in my Reverb Store

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Oberheim Matrix-12 Synthesizer Sounds Demo #10

Today it's snowing a bit early this year. Nothing better than being hunkered down with a lovely Matrix-12 synthesizer. Each of the patches are auditioned dry first, then I maybe activate either/or Timefactor and Big Sky - some patches don't need anything :)

Patches range from the super-dark horrorshow opener, thick airy pads, hyper-surreal soundscapes, the occasional bass, and the occasional Hans Zimmer plucky thing.

Recorded direct to Tascam DR-05, audio was normalized.
No other effects or processing.

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Tuesday, October 23, 2018


Today I wanted to make sure to update you what's been happening around the studio and my SH2-VCF prototype module. Been busy organizing a big garage sale, re-organinzing the studio, hanging synth shelves, trying to source a 4-foot wood table, and working for about 2 months on my SH-2 filter prototype.

This SH-2 filter came about as I had a few BA6110 chips laying around and wanted to do something with them. First I built the filter on a breadboard and it wasn't working. Turns out 1/2 my new old stock chips were not doing their job for some reason. No biggie, I designed/ordered some pcb/panels and some more BA6110 chips from ebay.

As luck would have it these chips would be the bane of my existence. I ordered some more BA6110 from activeparts and none of those worked. I also adapted my board to accept the different pinouts for some BA662 Open Labs clones...those caught fire. On the forums these clones are highly admired and used in X0XB0X apparently. It's all good, I just wasn't able to get them to work in this circuit.

So until I get this BA6110/662 issue figured out I won't be able to build any more modules to sell. Time to move on to some other projects and, forbid, make any music :)

Be warned - some harsh resonance acid house squealing ahead!

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Roland Tr-707 / Juno-1 / 101-VCF / JP6-VCF DEMO [Effortless]

Some downtempo on this demo.
Roland TR-707 on drums.
Alpha Juno-1 on pads and leads + Strymon Big Sky.
The 101-VCF arpeggio from Pittsburgh Synthesizer Box plus
...Rozendal CEM3340 VCO
JP6-VCF getting a digital bass from Symbiotic Waves.
Timefactor on delay.
707 snare has Spring Tank Reverb.
Beatstep Pro on sequencing duty.

Some audio post-processing in Cubase 7.

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Three 101-VCF Modules Polyphonic Filter Demo 03 (Roland SH-101)

Today I deploy THREE 101-VCF modules for some polyphonic synth music.
The three filters are getting their CVs round-robin much like a polyphonic synthesizer distributes their voices.
To do this I use the sequential switch to rotate the firing of envelope contours going to each 101-VCF.

Pittsburgh Synth Box - 101-VCF #1
DNA Symbiotic Waves - 101-VCF #2
Rozendall CEM3340 VCO - 101-VCF #3
Bass - Behringer Model D
Pads - Roland Juno-1
Envelope Contours - 2xADSR dual envelope
Sequencing - Arturia Beatstep Pro Pitch CV and clock
Kick - Future Retro Transient
Hats - Tiptop Hats909
Additional percussion - Roland TR-606
Delay - Timefactor
Small amount of Reverb - Strymon Big Sky

Recorded live in one shot.
Some post-processing in Cubase 7.

Sunday, September 9, 2018

[Roland 909 Day Demo] Juno-1 / TR-8 / RE-20 / 101-VCF / JP6-VCF

Today a special setup for 909 Day!
Featuring some classic Roland circuits.
The highly underrated Alpha Juno-1 on pads and leads.
Getting a dose of cloudy reverb from Strymon Big Sky.
A TR-8 deploying the 909 kit in floor-thumping action.
Smashed to extra crunchy bits in the DBX 166A compressor/limiter.
My RE-20 Space Echo pedal on delay.
The 101-VCF has its input overdriven by Pittsburgh Synthesizer Box.
And the Rozendal CEM3340 VCO going into the JP6-VCF.
Having its resonant arse kicked around my Spring Tank Reverb.
Beatstep Pro on sequencing duty.

Some audio post-processing in Cubase 7.