Saturday, March 25, 2017

DRE4MTR4CK Moving To The Back Burner

This project must be put on hold, indefinitely. I'm out of time and out of money. Unfortunately it cannot be built to a high level of quality within my target budget and time constraints. I have pushed my abilities and resources in fabrication to the absolute limits. The prototype I showed works, but still yet requires considerable improvements. There is good news here. I learned a WHOLE LOT! Programming in C, MCU platform development, using KiCAD software, designing double-layer PCBs, and honed a different method of PCB fabrication. I've spent over two months on this, and could easily watch two more slip by. Maybe in the future I can revisit this project, never say never.

Monday, March 20, 2017

DRE4MTR4CK Eurorack Sequencer Module

The DRE4MTR4CK is my prototype eurorack module that has been two months in development. DRE4MTR4CK is a simple and intuitive chromatic pitch CV sequencer in a mere 12HP.

It has 4 independent, externally clocked tracks with 4 steps each. Each track sends pitch CV to one of your VCO modules. With external clocking, you decide if timing is slow and dreamy, bouncy and up-tempo, or all out fury going into audio rates.

Unused clock inputs are multiples from input 1. Clocking can be interrupted for a track by inserting a floating patchcord. Manually trigger a track step using the TRIG buttons. Intuitively build evolving chords or poly-rhythmic note progressions.

Simple pattern modes and Octave transpose for each track provide seemingly endless note progression. Mix things up with Step reset and track data Rotate to re-circulate CVs among your VCOs. 16 memories are provided for program note data storage. Recall of programs during performance provides changes in melodic or chord structures on-the-fly.

***** SPECS ******
4-steps per track
Chromatic Scale Note Quantization
4x4 LED Matrix

- 1 external clock input.
- 1 duplicated, unbuffered clock out signal for clocking other devices
- Independent Pattern selection: Forward/Reverse/Forward-Reverse/ZIGZAG
- pitch CV output 1v/oct over 5v range
- Octave Transpose +/- 2 octaves selection
- Store/Recall 16 non-volitile memories in EEPROM
- Note programming on a per-step basis

Clocking Behaviour Options
- Unused clock inputs are duplicated from input #1
- Interrupt clocking by inserting a floating patchcord
- Manual trigger sent to clock out using the TRIG buttons

Programmer Interface
- 1 Data Pot
- 12 Momentary Buttons
- 16 LEDs

Memory and Processing
- 16 non-volatile memories in EEPROM for note data
- Processing Speed: 20MHz

- 4 clock inputs
- 1 control input for RESET
- 1 control input for ROTATE

- 4 unbuffered clock outputs (multed from inputs) + manual trigger
- 4 buffered 1V/oct pitch CV outputs, each 0-5v

Internal Clocking: none
External Clocking: 4 inputs

SIZE: 12 HP (60.60mm) Eurorack format, 3U high

Accepts standard keyed 2x8 (16-pin) eurorack ribbon cable (included)
Jumper/Shunt Setting:
- Option #1. (default) uses 5v input from your system power supply (if provided)
- Option #2. Draws power from +12v line. Requires Maxim Integrated
700-REF02CP 5v regulator (sold separately)

Option #1 (default): 5v from Euro Power
+12v @ 3 mA
-12v @ 3 mA
+5v @ 103 mA Peak, 5 mA typical
Option #2: 5v from REF02 chip
+12v @ 64 mA Peak, 8 mA typical
-12v @ 3 mA

The DRE4MTR4CK module has no affiliation with any persons with similar name.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Day DRE4M In Electric Space: New Euro Module Coming Soon 1/3

This track is called Day DRE4M In Electric Space, video is a teaser of a Eurorack module that I designed. The module is in the top row obscured by other things, where a bundle of patch cords are going. Details on this module are coming this week. Stay tuned, the next video will be the big reveal. I am using a Timefactor delay also in this one. Recorded direct to Tascam DR-05.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Something Wicked Fun This Way Comes

For the past two months I have been designing something mysterious and interesting. In this somewhat misleading teaser video I am tweaking its extreme aspects, a series of acid tests meant to discover its limits. The design intent is quite different from what you see here. It will still do these things if that's the sort of things you are into. I hope to have more to show very soon. Stay tuned.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Roland Jupiter-6 Synthesizer Filter VCF Build - Demo 02

Just kick back and enjoy these wicked analog multi-mode filter sounds. Lots of little sweet spots on this filter, if you skip around you might miss something really good. It definitely has that Roland sound.

Today I am demonstrating the Jupiter-6 filter clone I just finished building. See demo #1 for all the details. Basically the circuits and chips are the same as demo 1 breadboard test, just now they are stuffed into a 10HP eurorack module w/ some illuminated sliders.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Roland Jupiter-6 Synthesizer Filter VCF Build - Demo 01

This video demos a Roland Jupiter-6 synthesizer clone filter VCF. This breadboard build took two days, and for me is the largest one I've built yet. Does this circuit sound as good as the original? You be the judge. Anyway, I really wanted to hear what it sounded like before deciding about building my own module.

I came across schematics for the Roland Jupiter-6 at They actually sell completed modules and PCBs, however they seem to be perpetually out of stock. This will be a nice companion multi-mode filter to go next to my SEM module. IMHO the SEM sounds buttery and creamy, and the Jupiter-6 is a complete savage with outrageous low end.

The details: The sound source is the Pittsburgh Modular Synthesizer Box. I like to use a pulse wave w/ variable pulse controlled by LFO. The Synth Box filter is wide open, its envelope is passed to the JP-6 CV input #1. I don't have switches hooked up to the filter modes, so I'm pulling/resetting jumpers on the breadboard to achieve that. In this video I also crank the VCO to overdrive the pre-filter INPUT on the filter clone. I don't think you can do this on the original Jupiter-6, but you CAN push the post-filter VCA level into distortion much of the time.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017


I've been down w/ hay fever, but inspiration struck in the 11th hour last night. Right after I tweeted about not feeling the groove. Haha. This downtempo track starts with the ideas from my last demo about sequential switches. I build on that patch idea by adding TR-8 beats, and a Sampleslicer loop fed by a phrase played on the Juno-1. Using a little bit of Big Sky reverb and Timefactor delay. This track is doing everything live in one go, so there will be happy accidents along the way. Sequencing on the Arturia Beatstep Pro, and also for triggering different loop start points on the Sampleslicer. Influences by Underworld, Royksopp, and ???

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Eurorack Sequential Switch Demo

I spent this past week building a Sequential Switch module for my Eurorack. In this video I talk about what a Sequential Switch can do, and then I demo a patch I made. If you haven't seen it already check out Mylarmelodies excellent demo using a Sequential Switch to change up melody progressions on the fly at

After watching his video I KNEW the Sequential Switch was damn cool and I HAD to build one for myself. It works by taking each input trigger pulse, and sequentially advances one of 4 signals to be routed to a bi-lateral destination. Mine is a clone, functionally anyways, of the Doepfer A-151. Although I found the schematics elsewhere. I generated a circuit board layout in Osmond Cocoa, made a prototype PCB and populated it for my own learning experience. It turns out the a Sequential Switch can do more than pass control voltages around, it can deal with audio signals as well.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Bright Sky At Midnight

Audio track Bright Sky At Midnight c.2017 by G-Storm Electro

This track was inspired by a strange dream. The subconscious was aware it was late night, yet there was the persistence of daylight. To resolve this, many unusual things were born. City light noise, meteor showers, lightning, and aerobatic displays by fleets of UFOs. The air was electric. Afraid and mesmerized at the same time, I didn't want to wake up.

Drums TR-606
Other Percussion DNA Symbiotic Waves
Bass MS-20
Choirs/Strings VP-03
Arpeggios Pittsburgh Synth Box
Sequencing Beatstep Pro
FX RE-20, Big Sky, Timefactor
DAW Cubase SX3