Monday, March 14, 2016

Alesis Andromeda Analog Synthesizer Ecstasy

All synthesizer audio coming from the Andromeda comprising
over 30 original hella-programmed patches:
0:00 State Variable MW (SEM filter aggression w/ Mod Wheel Control)
0:04 Wet Alarm (FX)
0:12 Delirium Sphere (Modulated Pad)
0:16 The Honey Badger (Fat sweep)
0:20 Snap Dragon (Punchy Bass)
0:28 Future Airship (Sweepy FX)
0:36 Strange Bass (Aggressive Bass Seq)
0:52 XXXtasy (Heavily modulated Pad w/ Mod Wheel control), Bubble Bass (Punchy Bass)
1:08 Juno-106 Bass
1:24 Random Trigger (Synth Stab, random timing), Popcorn MW (glitchy noisy yet melodic ear candy), 80s Arcade (FX)
1:40 8-Stack Bass (Fat Unison Detuned Bass), Ring Screamer MW (Screaming Lead)
1:56 Gran Prix (Driving Bass Sequence), Watery Tart (Ephemeral Pad), Percussion Hall (FX w/ Reverb wash)
2:12 Negative Saw (Synth Arpeggiator)
2:28 Transient Bass (Punchy Bass Seq), Motion Control (Modulated Sequence)
2:24 Eurowrecked (Synth Sequence)
3:00 Tribalware (Aggressive Bass Stabs), Popcorn SuperGlider (Synth Portamento Glides)
3:16 The Red Bull (12db/oct SEM filter meyhem, named for red A6)
3:32 Dark Energy (Bass Sequence), Speed Junkie (Snappy Synth Sequence)
3:48 2x Speed Junkie
4:02 Self Destruct Reso (FX)
4:04 Ratchet AT (Ratchet Bass controlled by Aftertouch), TwoTimer (variation of XXXtasy patch)
4:28 Jawdropper (FX)

In this video the Andromeda deploys an onslaught of non-stop analog sensory bombardment.

No outboard effects were used, only a few instances of the built-in delays and reverb. All sequencing and arpeggios also from on-board. Rhythm provided by a Roland TR-8.

The rarer red panel version of the Andromeda A6 is featured.

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