Monday, March 21, 2011

M-Audio Venom: 48 patches for download

I have uploaded 19 original selected patches to These are patches featured in my youtube videos and soundcloud demos. Unfortunately the venomsynth site is still fresh and doesn't appear to have a way to navigate all the available patches yet. But their home page assures "As a brand new website there are bound to be a number of little gotchas in the design that are sure to cause mild annoyances, but rest assured we are not asleep at the switch"

The Vyzone feature on still doesn't have a way to navigate all of the available patches so I will make them available here as a zip file.
All Venom Patches: Download here
Thanks for checking out my free use patches and I'd definitely be interested in hearing any tracks that are using them.

Monday, March 7, 2011

M-Audio Venom Synth: No Antidote For The Sickness

This is a third impromptu sound demo showing more of my original patches from M-Audio's new synth, the Venom.
M-Audio Venom Demo 3 by gstormelectro
All original single patches in this audio demo are by me:
aXiOn+On - a synth hit that sounds like something I've heard in Orbital's Out There Somewhere.
***GHX*** - self explanatory.
5 Millenia - inspired by a distinctive sound heard in 5 Millenia Later from the 5th Element Soundtrack. Turns out that it makes a nice melodic patch.
Funky D X - Sounds exactly like a DX27 I used to own. Oh the memories!
Fizzy Pad - Sounds just like an Ensoniq Fizmo I used to own. More memories.
B3-8'-4' - By request I conjured a Hammond patch. The initial transient clicks supplied by the "09 Tom Hi" waveform assigned to oscillator 3.
Europa JP - My first attempt at a Jupiter-6 synth sound with a high pass filter. Sounds flat in the headphones since the real JP-6 was mono output, so in keeping with that I turned off the Venom FX so we can hear the oscillators and filters for what they are. First chords are played, then a nice arpeggio.
Space Port - Another crazy weird synth lead patch as the result of happy accidents. Amazing!

Recorded straight into Macbook w/ no additional effects - ALL VENOM.  See the first two Venom demos I made at