Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Checking in

Yep it's been a while since my last post. A few things happening at the moment, but very quickly...
- Sold the Wavestation. I wanted to explore the wavetable aspect but found it a bit redundant (as I might have expected) already having the PPG Wave 2.v plugin which I highly recommend. Haven't tried the 3.v yet.
- Speaking of wavetables, for anyone skeptical of their sonics being too harsh I've been going back to the old Fixx track Deeper & Deeper. That sound is absolutely bonkers. And of course not forgetting Thomas Dolby's Windpower. Anyone who knows of more excellent examples feel free to reply!
- Finally had a chance locally to audition the Minibrute monosynth, and after three days of tinkering in the store went ahead and picked one up. Been wanting a couple of monos for a while. Also turning quite blue holding my breath for the release of the MS 20 mini on pre-order.
- Recording a bit of a different track for me called Anthem. I've been using the catchy chord progressions in some video demos for the RE-20 and the String Concerto II plugin. Throwing everything at it but the kitchen sink: Jupiter-6 leads and arpeggios, Matrix-12 bass, VP-330,'s all sounding very sexy.
- Speaking of plugins the String Concerto II and VSP-330r2 will be re-posted soon, more details to come on my other blog.