Friday, September 2, 2011


Update on what's going on around here. It has been quite inspiring to see many interesting YouTube videos of electronic musicians sharing their live music-making processes. So much so that now I am building a small live rig to generate some live videos of my own. In that endeavor it is my hope to fuel some exciting new creative processes. It is very much in the spirit of breaking away from my comfort zone to discover something unrealized, untapped creative potential. I know it's a vague notion but it has been my experience the process of discovery often leads to new and rewarding places and ideas. Some quick photos showing a glimpse of the live rig layout with my new rack and suitcase....


The suitcase was an interesting project that took about a week including shopping hardware parts. The 'box' structure is recycled wood taken from old kitchen cabinets I am currently re-facing. I had put to good use my experience re-covering Rhodes electric pianos for this black vinyl-covered beauty. It's built more like a pedalboard on the inside, with a slightly elevated "pegboard" platform where power cables raceway underneath out of the way of signal cables. The power strip resides in the back right corner pit where all the 'wall-wart' transformers seemed to collect ad infinitum.

Not pictured is the primary synth I'll be using, the new Venom. Also not shown, Korg Kaoss Pad Quad that has just been put on order and should get here next week, and it will be going in place of the computer keyboard (in photo). No computer pc or laptops will be part of this rig. Instead there will be a vintage sampler, sequencer, and plenty of effects. The general idea being a simplified slice from the studio with capability to easily re-patch various components, the ability to freestyle the outcome with every performance (remix on-the-fly), and introduce live DJ effects-style shenanigans.