Sunday, August 26, 2012

Alesis Andromeda Tutorial 02 - Oscillators

In this video I will examine the OSCILLATOR and PRE-FILTER MIX sound modules in more detail.  I will introduce and explain topics for Oscillator FM, Filter FM, SYNC, Ring Modulation and Filter Feedback.  And I will also show how to program a couple of basic patches along the way.

0:10 Introduction
0:35 Tune Page
1:32 Wave Page
2:39 ENV1 Page
3:13 Patch: Classic Or Deviant Sync
4:56 OSC2FM Page
7:57 NZEXT Page
8:48 Modulations + Control Routes
9:49 Patch: Mod-Wheel PWM
11:23 Pre-Filter Mix: Ring Mod + Filter Feedback
12:14 Closing

Join me for my next video which will cover the Filters in more depth, including examples of Filter FM and Filter Feedback.  Thanks for watching!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Alesis Andromeda Tutorial 01 - Introduction

0:10 Introduction
0:38 Approach
1:43 Setup
2:18 Modules and Sound Architecture Theory
3:41 Programming Interface
5:49 Oscillator and Pre-Filter Modules
7:36 Filter and Post-Filter Modules
9:09 Envelopes Module
10:14 LFO, Effects, Clock Modules
11:10 Closing

The next video tutorial will expand upon Oscillators.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Andromeda Tutorials coming soon

Andromeda Tutorial 1: Introduction, Program Mode, and Modules has been scripted and filming should start today.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Kawai K5000S Wicked Soundscapes

This synth was literally rescued from a garbage heap.  I have refurbished it w/ a new LCD, reconstructed the shattered endcaps, and performed exhaustive deep-cleaning of the programming interface boards.  The sounds presented in this video mark my first work programming Additive.  All sounds are coming directly from the K5000S, no other processing added.

The Kawai K5000S is quite the under-rated Additive synthesizer.  It is unbelievable to me a piano company like Kawai have turned out such a stellar vehicle as this one.  Programming Additive requires a great deal of persistence, but the reward of huge sonics are smashing as digital sounds go.

The on-board effects engine is first rate.  The ensemble chorus is a faithful vintage emulation which I haven't really noticed available on any modern hardware synth @ 0:36

The K5000S has a precise formant filter for dialing in choirs @ 0:10, 1:28 and 3:06.

Sounds @ 2:13 and 2:31 feature prominently on my forthcoming track "Polar Shift".

Vintage electronic organs of the day used additive techniques to generate their sounds through electro-mechanical tone wheels.  Similarly in programming the K5000S, organ sounds are always pulling at you like gravity.  Most of them are static and some are quite interesting such as @ 2:56.

The last three sounds starting @ 4:22 were patches downloaded from the internet Chroom + Stucco (which use the on-board PWMs), and Microvox (additives).