Friday, April 27, 2018

Spring Tank Reverb Eurorack Prototype Module

Today I am showing my prototype Spring Tank Reverb module. It's a driver for old school spring tanks like those found in vintage mixers and guitar amplifiers. The driver module has controls for Drive, Tone brightness and darkness, wet/dry mix, and an input for sending CVs to control the wet/dry mix. I'm using an envelope for CV, Beatstep Pro for trigger sequencing, and beats are coming from the Future Retro Transient. I also run the signal through my dual channel compressor, using a trick where both channels are cascaded for additional compression. I also briefly punch in some delay from Timefactor. Audio was recorded direct to Tascam through a Mackie mixer. EDIT: I noticed some users are connecting this to things that are not eurorack systems. To assist you w/ your efforts here are the active pins on the power input.

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