Tuesday, April 10, 2018

My DC571 Dual Compressor for Eurorack is Now Available

My DC571 Dual Compressor for Eurorack is now available in my Reverb Store. To operate the DC571:
1) plug in the audio input and output, making sure some sounds are present
2) set the switch up (compress) to activate the effect
3) turn the input knob until you hear clicks/pops (clipping) and then back it down a little
4) set the switch down (bypass) to compare the volume of the original signal
5) set the switch back up and turn the output make-up gain knob until the volume is the same as when you started. You may need to repeat steps 4 & 5, and it’s definitely ok to increase the output a little bit more if so desired! For even more compression, the channels can be cascaded in series. Do this by patching the output of channel 1 into the input of channel 2.

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