Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Quick update

May has been so unkind. Thankfully still here after 5 tornado warnings went off last week. Also, my Oberheim has developed some issues and requires service. This probably means no new music this month since it was to get heavy use on the forthcoming tracks. On the bright side I have some new Venom patches and video cued-up for posting soon. Stay tuned.

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CheMiChAeL said...

i remember the day they unveiled the venom, at a chain music store in philadelphia, after just selling a sh-201 or maybe it was my ms2000, synth wasn't top priority, sex, drugs and kaossilation were my primary focuses. anyhow, there she was, as she was undressed my heart stopped and i was just drawn to her. love at first sight,. i knew i had to have her. but due to a lack of funds, and a little craftiness, i found a fantastic deal on the micron and as i was getting to know it the encoder knob broke off, ordered new one, gonna fix it when part comes. now i'm off the hard stuff, i am gonna treat myself. was leaning towards the biofeld, til i took notice that the price has almost split in half for the venom, and so i was grooving along the galaxy of youtube, re-reviewing the V and i found G-STORM, and was not only impressed with this cats talented skills, but his greatness and devotion in sound design. to make, and to share his powers. this my first time in my life i have "blogged" but I felt obliged to give you my props, and thanks for setting me back on the path of the venom! i believe she will be more useful to me than the biofeld.. especially since i can't afford the monosynth by elektron, but i must say, your patches really helped rekindled my love, and i will be sure to rock your wicked patches.. in fact, i don't know if you would do custom designs or what the fee would be but i'm open. i mostly use synths and drums for industrial, dark-wave, EBM, tribal and mechanical rhythms. i love those intergalactic war zone, video game chirps too, like the ones found in the DCM8 or in good circuit bending. anyway, just wanted to give you my respects and see if you'd do custom patches if i do wind up picking up the venom? we could go over more details if interested, cheers.