Wednesday, June 22, 2011

DEATH BY VENOM: Avid/M-Audio Synth Demo III

Another quick-n-dirty youtube demo showing the sonic versatility of M-Audio's new synth, the Venom. All patches are my original creation.

All original patches in this vid are by me:
Atlas Sound - Sonics inspired by the band w/ the same name. RE: Quick Canal
Sinister FM - Evil FM bass sound
Whirrrrr - FX sound, like a computer fan
OBStringz - Gritty Obie String Sound
OBLimuidz - Recreation of probably my favorite factory patch from the Oberheim Matrix Synths
Gunslinger - Recreation of a Memorymoog lead patch I made for my track 'Gunslinger'
Organ Drive - Distort-y Organ going through a guitar amp
Wavepunkd - Steampunk sound from the Korg Wavestation or PPG Wave
MS-TRON - MS-20 lead used a lot on Ladytron's stuff
USA Muscle - Classic Minimoog lead sound
JunoBass01 - Classic Roland Bass
Vintage Vibe - Nostalgic 70's keys
LatelyBass - Yamaha DX-series (DX7, TX81Z, etc) bass heard on countless recordings
System 100 - Nice chunky Roland sequence bass
Comeback - Super-chunky Oberheim Matrix bass like on my track "Miranda By The Sea'
Short&Long - Minimoog bass w/ fast attack and swell RE: FSOL 'Calcium'
DeepFM - Entrancing progressive house harmonics
Poly6Bass - Korg Polysix unison bass.
MingLovesU - A cross between Ming the Merciless theme and Prince's 'Lets Go Crazy' organ sound.

Recorded straight into Macbook w/ no additional effects - ALL VENOM.

Download the single patches Venom Patches on this post (link updated) The zip file contains all the previous patches I created before, and all the new patches I made to date.

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