Thursday, May 5, 2011

Happy Cinco de Mayo, New Tracks, HV-330 plugin update

All the more reason to celebrate. I'm happy to announce two unreleased recordings have been completed since the last posting.

- Starkiller -
The results are 'stellar'. :) The idea for this track came out of my Venom synth demo which can be heard at 1:38 in this video.

- Spaced Out Beauty -
A serendipitous track based heavily on an ethereal, haunting VSP-330 choir synth demo I made called Solemn Beauty I had generated back in February. Be sure to read my other postings about the VSP-330 project.

These tracks should come available soon. I'm pushing myself to finish one track a month, but as always not rushing things and taking my time to make this album to my complete satisfaction. Just as long as it's not a whole year between tracks that's okay.

And lastly I have had some requests that I make a plugin version of my HV-330 Choir Filter. It would allow any signal to be routed through the 7-band choir filter for interesting results. It basically amounts to the VSP-330 plugin without it's own oscillators, and allowing external signals to be routed through it. More to come on this project soon.

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