Thursday, August 10, 2017

Oberheim Matrix-12 Pure Noise Chaos Demo #8

I replaced the memory backup battery today. Before restoring my patches, I took a little tour of the corrupted/random patch data. Behold the glorious analog synthesizer dark noise madness. I'm talking full-on freakout mode. Take note of the corrupted patch names - reminds me of some weird alien dialect. In case you're wondering there is nothing wrong with my synth, it's working better than ever before. Recorded direct to Tascam DR-5, only normalization applied to some quiet parts.

What I also discovered is the battery is responsible for holding variable system data like osc and filter auto-tuning data. Before, I was experiencing the 'voice processor 1 malfunction' messages, system lock-ups, and system not booting properly. After the battery replacement, the synth has operated 100% correctly w/ no issues.

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David Arcus said...

Thanks for all the helpful videos you post. I bought an xpander recently and pretty much learned how to use it from your tutorials. The synth works perfectly except for one thing - if I change a parameter while playing notes I often hear a small click or glitch. Do you have the same problem? Trying to figure out if this is just a function of the 80s technology or something that can be repaired. Any input would be hugely appreciated. Thanks!