Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Infusor Eurorack Sub-Mixer Demo

In this video I jam on the Eurorack w/ my new Infusor module. Infusor is a 10HP active stereo audio sub-mixer w/ 6 inputs. Wish you had more channels on your outboard mixer? This may be for you. Here's a breakdown of this mix...
Channel 1 - Basimilus in stereo from the EMW VC Pan
Channel 2 - My Transistor-80 Analog Percussion Module
Channel 3 - Tiptop Hats909
Channel 4 - Pittsburgh Synthesizer Box on bass
Channel 5 - unused.
Stereo Outs - going to Pittsburgh Outs module

Recorded direct to Tascam DR-5 through Mackie VLZ-802. I have sold my only available unit, I'll make a few more and have them available on soon. For more info check out

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