Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Yamaha TX81Z FM Synthesizer Demo #3 Alpha Wave

This demo is a multi-track rendition using only the Yamaha TX81Z FM synthesizer as a sound source. All custom FM patches including drums, no factory presets. Some of the sounds are available on my blog, new ones will be available soon. Effects used: Big Sky, Timefactor, and RE-20 Space Echo.

EDIT: for some reason I can't reply to posts. For the question about loading tx81z sounds into other yamaha synths, patcharena.com posted "Each (tx81z) bank holds 32 voices...DX27, DX27S & DX100 users can load these but only the 1st 24 voices of a bank are accessible."


Unknown said...

Hey !

First and foremost : this is one the first Times I "follow" someone because of his synth demos. You have some taste for textures and all this, and this is quite rare apparently !
It makes me want to dig some FM hardware. Can the patches for this machine be dumped into à dx27 or dx100 ? I heard they are almost the same machine..

Thanks for your answer, and keep up the good work !!

Much love


LESCURE Simon said...

Whyyyy don't you answer me, fm synth god. If I sinned you should let me knoweth...

tomach said...

Is the AlphaWave patch available somewhere for download? I have tried to remake some of your patches for FM4 iOS app.