Saturday, January 13, 2018

G-Storm Jupiter-6 VCF vs. Jove vs. SE 8106 modules

I get asked quite a bit what makes the Jupiter-6 VCF different from modules like the Jove by System-80, and the the Studio Electronics 8106. The Jove and 8106 circuits are a similar topology using readily available OTA chips, their PCBs are mass-produced, their boards are probably automated assembly for SMT parts. Mine uses the expensive/rare/original Roland OTAs, my PCBs are currently copper etched and tinned by hand, and fully assembled by hand as well. I'd love to build a Jove for myself, alas - no time (and PCBs are currently sold out). The demos of the Jove sound nice. I haven't checked out any demos of the 8106 yet, but everything SE makes is fantastic. I also suppose this is as good a time to announce my Jupiter-6 VCF is also undergoing a front panel re-design and will be very similar to my Delta VCF version 2.

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