Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Acid Tech House MS-20 Juno-1 Eurorack Modular [Heavy Duty]

In this video I jam the MS-20 going through the DBX 160A on kick, Juno-1 on synth sequence and eurorack modular for all else. That kick! I tweak the MS-20 release time for those massive booms and Env2 to LP amount for more crunch. I'm pretty happy w/ those hats too - hats were synthesized using DNA Symbiotic Waves and Deflector Shield Ring Mod. The cracking snare is coming from a Disting sample of the Linndrum clap, with the initial transient clipped off. Bass is a square wave from the Synth Box going through the JP-6 VCF module. Juno-1 uses the classic factory patch 1-1 PolySynth1, has some Timefactor delay. Beatstep Pro sequences the kick, bass + synth. Varigate 4 + sequential switch + Little Nerd gates other percussion. Mixed on a Mackie 802-VLZ recorded direct to Tascam DR-5.

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