Sunday, April 2, 2017

DRE4MTR4CK Eurorack Sequencer User Guide

The DRE4MTR4CK is a simple and intuitive Pitch CV sequencer. It has 4 steps, and it has 4 Individual tracks. Each track has its own clock input, clock output, and Pitch CV output. In this way, it can behave like 4 completely independent sequencers.

In this video I show how to use the DRE4MTR4CK in more detail.
0:00 Introduction
1:23 Installation Options
Correction: the graphics say -5v when it should say +5v (positive 5v).
3:06 Boot-Up Defaults
3:32 Connections and Operations

DRE4MTR4CK is a custom module built by hand. Full specs available on my previous post.

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