Thursday, July 21, 2016

Roland JX-8P Demo #3 - Skywriter

This is the Roland JX-8P, possibly one of the most under-rated synthesizers. This time I have multi-tracked live takes with Big Sky and Timfactor effects-fueled production chock full of EQ, compression and a few dubious mastering techniques. The TR-8 drum machine is barely breaking a sweat, churning out a painfully simple beat. There are some factoids relating to the JX-8P along the way. What is this music? I call it a cheesy 80's dream pop rendition in 3/4 time with almost a two step feel. I know, I'm scratching my head too...I was very tempted to scrap this during recording. But it was too fun to see it through, too odd not to post, too catchy for me to easily dismiss.

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toxaco said...

i keep ending up watching this video, so many times now i have the melody stuck in my head. It's infectious!