Friday, January 8, 2016

Maestro Phase Shifter PS-1B demo w/ a Synthesizer

Demo of the Maestro PS-1B Phase Shifter. This is the rarer version with the Variable Speed knob. The knob does exactly what the switches do, with the ability to set the speed anywhere in between. The knob only works when the slow phase switch is set. As the switches OR knob settings are changed you will notice a smooth and gradual transition in speed.

The synthesizer is the Korg reissue ARP Odyssey. If you're interested in the patches hopefully the footage shows the patch settings to some degree. I added a small amount of delay for stereo widening. During one section I use the Moroder delay trick to change simple 8th notes to stereo-panned 16-th notes, and then apply the phaser. I was recording levels pretty hot, sorry there is some clipping in parts of the audio.

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