Monday, September 21, 2015

Moog Sub 37 Mega Demo - 64 Patches for download

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Doing something a little different this time. I have packed ALL 64 of my original Sub 37 patches into a 4-track MEGA DEMO, a cornucopia of basses, leads, arpeggios, and otherworldly sound effects. Everything you hear is ALL SUB 37, I wanted something true to the tone of just the Sub 37 and nothing else. You may see other effects and things in the background, but NONE are used here.

It took two weeks to compose, film, and edit the video.

The patches are free to download on my download post as a system exclusive file, AKA sysex. If you do, be sure to FIRST backup your own sounds to a computer, and confirm they are saved. If you need guidance be sure to check out my post about uploading sysex patches to a synthesizer using a MIDI utility program like MidiOX.

About the patches. Most of the patch names are self-explanatory.
01-04 Don't Go There, inspired by a Yazoo track.
01-10 Memory Stack, sounds just like the Memorymoog I used to have.
01-13 Dream Electric, inspired by Blade Runner
02-16 Trakker, there are a few patches that make use of FM modulation via the LFO at audio rate. The key is to track the LFO speed across the keyboard. This produced a similar FM sound I've been able to get for the Matrix-12/Xpander.
03-07 DNA Cygnus, the Cygnx was a prototype synthesizer by I was fascinated with the demos of this phase-modulated wavetable digital synth. Alas, it never went into production. However they did collaborate with Pittsburgh Modular in a product known as DNA Symbiotic Waves. Fantastic module, this patch reminds me of those kinds of sounds.
03-08 Coinage, Nintendo Mario coin-pop sound
04-03 Hymne, inspired by Vangelis track of the same title.
04-04 Melt With This, I was going for the lead synth from Melt With You.
04-09 Fanfare, ...for the common man.
04-11 TX37Z, more FM tracking fun like on the TX81Z synth.
04-13 Xenophobic Pulse, have you seen the movie Contact?
04-14 So Easy, ...a caveman can do it? Reminds me of a sound I heard in a Royksopp track


Istvan said...

Thanks for saring these patches, great sounds! Is it possible to change bank-patch numbers in the file names to correspond to the free spaces I have on my Sub 37?

G-STORM said...

You're welcome. It can be done but it's a pain I know. Moog will probably not be releasing the Librarian/Editor they say they are building - it has been a long time in the works. First, do a FULL patch dump your own set of patches to the computer. Confirm they are saved, and they reload into the Sub37 properly. Second, load my full set of patches into the Sub37. It may not be likely you will want to keep all my patches, so for the ones you like do a SINGLE patch dump to the computer and name the files appropriately. Third step, reload your own FULL set of patches back into the Sub37. Last step, load the SINGLE patches to the Sub37 patch locations of your choice.

Istvan said...

Thanks for the reply! I'm a long time organic musician (strings, piano) and fairply new to the world of computer capable intruments, so this really helps a lot.

funkpod said...

Do you have PDF's of any of these patches? Like knob settings? New to synthesis, I want to be able to see the knobs, thanks!

Unknown said...

for ISTVAN, you can do an easy procedure just sending SYSED (Mac or Window free software) to the new MOOG EDITOR. Just open the SETUP page of the MOOG editor and select as input the SYSED.It works.