Saturday, December 27, 2014

Roland JX-8P Sounds

These are some of my original patches made for the Roland JX-8P synthesizer. Bass, dark string and synth pads, arpeggios and stabs.

There are some realtime patch edits in this demo without the use of the external programmer, so go ahead and give that EDIT slider a nice workout. Would have been nice if the edit slider had a pass-thru data function, that is why you will hear some edit jumps in the audio.

In addition to utilizing the Beatstep for sequence duties, there is gratuitous amounts of delay and reverb added to most sounds.


gi pe said...

I will try out them on my mks-70
Congrats for the blog i follow you.
Are you also on Facebook?
Best regards

TangibleBeats said...

Cool sounds did you post these patches somewhere?

G-STORM said...

Not yet. I'll complete a bank or two and post them soon.

Eric Parisot said...

We need these patches, they are so awesome, please do something upload them on a cloud ! Thanks a lot ! Eric