Sunday, August 17, 2014

Yamaha TX81Z FM Synth Sounds Demo 2

The patches can be downloaded on my download page

Continuing sonic explorations of TWO TX81Z FM Synthesizer Tone Generators this time. Each unit chained for even/odd notes: one panned slightly left and the other to the right. Sounds are outrageous in the dry state but can be made completely preposterous with the Big Sky reverb.

Here's a rundown of the sounds:
0:09 Cymbiosis - Synth pad with cymbal harmonics.
0:38 Ritual - dark tribal bass. Add huge reverb to this one.
0:53 Darknights - Smooth filtered sawtooth with swell.
1:16 Heavyw8 - Super fat bass. Start your own earthquake.
1:33 Wowabass - It literally says wow.
1:44 Drum kit bass drum, snare, tabla, hats
2:34 Sawtopia - Smooth sawtooth pad w/ organ swell.
3:10 Saw Bass - Bread and butter bass.
3:19 Fortress - Super dark cello w/ vibrato.
3:51 Transistor - Hot pad inspired by the Novachord, transistor hum
4:20 Sync Bass - The way FM can bass
4:31 SmakMyBass - Prodigy Fat of the Land Bass on steroids.


Anonymous said...


These are great! I can't find them on your download pages, only has the first set of patches. Thanks J

G-STORM said...

While there were two demos, I condensed the patches used into a single download.

Anonymous said...

Thank you!

akai-sampler said...

Great Work and thx for sharing your patches! Which program you using for transfering the syx files? Which Editor are you using? The Big Sky sounds awsome. Im using a LXP-15. Needs some tweaking but you can get also some nice lush results :)

G-STORM said...

Midi Ox for file transfer. I never got around to getting an editor, I just use the TX81Z interface. Yes doing that is slow, but it allows you to explore all those little sweet spots in the parameters.

DUB13 said...

Hi, could I please get some info on how to set up two units together?
This would be greatly appreciated:)

sigkill said...

I'm curious too how you were able to link them - was this due to some external hardware via midi?