Tuesday, December 17, 2013

G-Storm Announces Album Release Illuminated Displays

G-Storm Electro announces release an album project Illuminated Displays available at Soundcloud. "It has been 5 years in the making. Perhaps every detail has been over-obsessed. My passion was to make an electronic album that was absolutely unforgettable, multi-layered, and at its core something thought provoking. It is a re-imagining, re-interpretation, a new spin on what electronic music from past eras could have been. I have employed some unconventional methods including re-synthesis and authoring my own plugins. And I have programmed every sample, synth patch, and beats expressly tailored for each track. Hope you enjoy the result as much as I do." -g


gi pe said...

LOVE IT!!!!! BRAVO!!!!

G-STORM said...

Thank you very, very much. Tell absolutely everyone you know.