Monday, May 27, 2013

Oberheim Matrix-6 Patches (6R/1000)

Here are about 40 or so original Matrix-6 patches in SYSEX format as a single bank.  They should work on the Matrix-6R and Matrix-1000 also.  My main goal was to explore the wide range of sonic character which is akin to its big brother counterparts, the Matrix-12/Xpander.  A handful of these patches were transcribed from those made on a Matrix-12.  The video demo are some of my favorites, and were recorded direct with absolutely no other processing or effects.

Use Midi-ox program or some other midi utility program to load the bank.  Don't forget to save your own bank before doing this.

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Short Attention Span said...

These patches are great!
I'm a bit of a newbie and was wondering if there was a way to re-order the patches in this bank (e.g. have the first 10 patches as pads, then the next as leads, etc.).