Monday, May 27, 2013

Oberheim Matrix-6 Patches (6R/1000)

Here are about 40 or so original Matrix-6 patches in SYSEX format as a single bank.  They should work on the Matrix-6R and Matrix-1000 also.  My main goal was to explore the wide range of sonic character which is akin to its big brother counterparts, the Matrix-12/Xpander.  A handful of these patches were transcribed from those made on a Matrix-12.  The video demo are some of my favorites, and were recorded direct with absolutely no other processing or effects.

Use Midi-ox program or some other midi utility program to load the bank.  Don't forget to save your own bank before doing this.


Short Attention Span said...

These patches are great!
I'm a bit of a newbie and was wondering if there was a way to re-order the patches in this bank (e.g. have the first 10 patches as pads, then the next as leads, etc.).

thecolorofrain said...

Thank you SO much for taking the time to put together AND SHARE these patches. I feel a lot of potential with the Matrix 6, but often feel like I am hitting a wall trying to coax evolving/living sounds. These are great sounding, and I have found them useful for comparison with my own work.