Sunday, September 23, 2012

Alesis Andromeda Tutorial 04 - Envelopes

So far I have been showing the use of Envelopes in a conventional manner.
Today I will uncover advanced secrets of Andromedas envelopes in more detail.  Some of these powerful envelope features may astonish you.

0:05 Introduction
0:25 Envelope Polarity
2:13 Patch: Do-wah Bass
2:51 Time Page + Level Page
3:40 Trigger + Re-trigger
6:20 Patch: Delta Re-trigger
8:06 Dynamics Page
10:07 Loop Page
10:59 Patch: Reverse Technique + Loop Oscillation
12:32 Engine Optimizer
13:10 Closing

My next video will explore the CLOCK and its related functions: LFOs, Arpeggiator, and Sequencer.  Thanks for watching!

PS - I apologize for some of the wobbly camera mount.  I'm looking into building a more stable overhead camera rig. 

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Jeffrey Fleming said...

These tutorial vids are great. Even though I don't have a Matrix or an Andromeda, I still find useful tips that I can apply to my own synths. It would be cool to see a in-depth tutorial on the TX81Z but I can guess that its lack of an interface might make that difficult to demonstrate on video.