Monday, April 2, 2012

Yamaha TX81Z FM Synth Demo 1

Behold. This is the TX81Z FM rack mount synthesizer. Truly an undervalued piece of gear, and a powerful secret weapon for the most adventuresome tweakers. I've been going full-on honey badger w/ FM synthesis programming my own sounds into this little gem. And I absolutely love it!

Some patches are going through a Lexicon MPX550 (offscreen) set on Gothic Hall reverb preset. And some are just bone dry.

List of patches:
0:17 DrtySecret. Very unique FM pitch interval sound.
0:44 Rhodes. Delicate electric piano tones.
1:01 81Z State. Old school acid house bass. 808 State.
1:27 Wowocaster. Notes played fast legato (upper) it sounds like a fake strat. Held notes (bass) swell and growl. Wow, man.
1:47 Filthy FM. Raunchy, dirty, crunchy lead sound.
2:03 Harder FM. Old school hardcore rave sound.
2:27 DrkMachine. Brooding Sci-fi horrorshow sound.
2:49 AttackBass. Conventional bass w/ quick attack transient.
3:14 WhurlyEP. Electric Piano. Queen, and Supertramp.
3:44 AuroraBlue. Gorgeous atmospheric pad.
4:10 PaddedEdge. Digital, Edge-y pad.


Unknown said...

did you make all these patches yourself? if so care to share any?

G-STORM said...

Yes, most of the time I'll build them from an initial patch. 'Attack Bass' started out as 'Lately Bass' haha. I'll probably make more patches first, then make selected sounds available as a zip file.

Unknown said...

Cool, wouldn't mind taking a look at the drtysecret settings, that one sounds nice

R.A. Clock said...

feel free to send any TX81Z sysex patches my way ! you've done some amazing work here !