Friday, October 7, 2011

New Setup

The new setup is pretty close to done. I've replaced the EFX-500 with a Kaoss Quad for live looping and other realtime effects. The MC-50 has also taken the place of the MMT-8 sequencer. The MMT-8 was a breeze to use but had severely limited memory storage even with the midi data skimmed way back. I've also needed to bring in a MicroKorg to help with the synth tracks as the Venom can only do so much. Here are some updated pics. Live performances are soon to commence and post on youtube!
^ A look at the rack case: ESI-32 sampler (top), power strip, BBE, and a couple of custom built units - the GSSL mixbus compressor and JH Triple Chorus (bottom).
^ The Alesis Multimix-8 is working out really well with 2 effects sends/returns and 3-band eq.
^ Suitcase starting from top corner: RE-20, RT-20, Phase-100, Kaoss Quad, MC-50.

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