Monday, March 7, 2011

M-Audio Venom Synth: No Antidote For The Sickness

This is a third impromptu sound demo showing more of my original patches from M-Audio's new synth, the Venom.
M-Audio Venom Demo 3 by gstormelectro
All original single patches in this audio demo are by me:
aXiOn+On - a synth hit that sounds like something I've heard in Orbital's Out There Somewhere.
***GHX*** - self explanatory.
5 Millenia - inspired by a distinctive sound heard in 5 Millenia Later from the 5th Element Soundtrack. Turns out that it makes a nice melodic patch.
Funky D X - Sounds exactly like a DX27 I used to own. Oh the memories!
Fizzy Pad - Sounds just like an Ensoniq Fizmo I used to own. More memories.
B3-8'-4' - By request I conjured a Hammond patch. The initial transient clicks supplied by the "09 Tom Hi" waveform assigned to oscillator 3.
Europa JP - My first attempt at a Jupiter-6 synth sound with a high pass filter. Sounds flat in the headphones since the real JP-6 was mono output, so in keeping with that I turned off the Venom FX so we can hear the oscillators and filters for what they are. First chords are played, then a nice arpeggio.
Space Port - Another crazy weird synth lead patch as the result of happy accidents. Amazing!

Recorded straight into Macbook w/ no additional effects - ALL VENOM.  See the first two Venom demos I made at


Dr. Palador said...

Awesome patches!! However, I cannot find them on the venomsynth site. I really wanna play around with that 5 Millenia patch for sure. Any suggestions?

G-STORM said...

For some reason venomsynth doesn't have a way to navigate the available uploaded patches, yet. I've raised this issue w/ them on their forum and they are looking into it. In the meantime get my single patches at

Eric said...

Hey, first off: great job with the patches! The demo sounds incredible. I tried to download them from the link you posted but it seems to have expired. Any way you could repost them? Thanks!

Digger Man said...

superjackson from YT: that europa patch is one of my favs!