Monday, March 19, 2012

A6 Alesis Andromeda Synthesizer Intensity

All original programmed sounds are by G-Storm Electro.

You may begin to feel some side effects: sleep deprivation, sudden inexplicable loss of time and missing appointments, difficulty breathing, skipping meals, excitability and rapid heart-rate. I have the strong feeling these sounds are just scratching the surface of what the A6 is capable. The selected programs represent approximately a decade of programming this beauty. This demo runs through a full range of different sounds condensed into a short time span so please don't expect a full-on Grammy winning performance here.

Index of selected sounds, and my tracks that used them...
0:15 D-Fifths. Super-thick Analog Pad. RE: Aerial
0:22 Vintage Monster. Analog Pad.
0:33 Mega BassTrigger. RE: Spaced Out Beauty
0:40 MemoryBass. MemoryMoog Stacked Bass sound.
0:52 Cutter Bass. In your face bass.
0:58 Analog Retro. Arpeggio/Sequence.
1:13 Sweep Revenge. Ominous 6-Voice synth stack sweep.
1:20 LFO Sweepmatic. Sweep Pad w/ LFO. RE: Miranda By The Sea
1:35 Pearlite. Driving sequenced mod insanity.
1:59 Luscious. Analog Pad Stack. RE: Thermion.
2:12 Intensity. Detuned Lead synth w/ pitch rise. RE: Thermion.
2:30 Magic Of Light. Psychedelic synth texture.
2:54 MotionControl. Superb Arpeggio/Sequence. RE: Miranda By The Sea.
3:08 Choir Phaser Pad. Synthetic Choir w/ heavy reverb.
3:21 Brutal Fuzz. Hard Bass w/ delay. RE: Aerial
3:28 OB Stringtime. My variation from a Factory Patch.
3:35 Sawtooth. Bread-n-butter sawtooth synth patch.
3:41 SuperEnsemble. CS-80/Vangelis type delicate string synth lead.
3:56 Interstellar. Heavily modulated analog lead. RE: Aerial
4:10 Complicated. String/Choir Soundtrack Ensemble w/ heavy reverb.
4:20 Hall Strings. Dense string soundtrack set w/ heavy reverb.
4:35 Slow Pad. Smooth Jupiter-8 style pad.
4:46 Dark Strings. Hard bow strings. Sorry the clipping was coming from my mixer.
5:01 Watery Tart. Pad w/ sound FX.
5:24 Stellar Portions. Epic Pad drenched in reverb. RE: Descendant, Aerial

Sunday, March 18, 2012

String Melody II Synth Demo 2 Hohner Logan

This is a follow-up video of the Hohner String Melody II vintage string machine. Since my previous demo the stringer transformer wiring has been converted North American power, had an bad NPN amplifier transistor replaced, and power supply re-built. Strangely it functioned in the previous video anyway!

This video shows how you can layer the different octaves together with my favorite phaser (EHX Stereo Polyphase) and delay effects (Boss RE-20 Space Echo) to conjure that lush and densely gratifying vintage stringer sound.

I am butchering chops from of my favorite influences: New Order - Thieves Like Us. My playing is horrendous today, I'm not used to playing lead on the left hand and backing chords on the right. Anyway, enjoy the sounds!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Many Irons In the Fire, VSP-330, Synth Demos, Polar

Quite a few little projects happening at once:

I have returned to my VP-330 synthesizer strings/choir plugin project with some goals in mind:
- This time I am re-creating the VST from the ground up using a different platform, SynthMaker. SynthMaker boasts much more efficient use of the CPU so maybe latency issues and audio dropouts can be minimized over the first version.
- I will A/B comparison this version with the real MK I model for a more faithful reproduction. There have been some comments from those wishing the sound was even closer to the original.
- Hopefully users of many different systems and DAWs will not have issues w/ the GUI this time either.
- And to retain all the great improved features and GUI layout in my first version.
- If all goes well, there will be a small cost with the new version. Anyone who has donated already with the first version will get the new version free of charge.
EDIT: visit for all of my plugin updates.

Recently finished rebuilding the power supply and some other electronic restoration items. It sounds quite a bit better than the first video I made, and now planning a post-restoration-work sound demo video.

The Venom has given me thirst for a digital/FM synth lately, after having sold my DX21 and SY55. So I picked up another TX81Z after selling the first one I owned some years ago. Started programming some patches and running them through the RE-20 Space Echo pedal. I am filled with the impression there will be plenty of uncharted sonic territory with this little gem. When I have a few patches there will be a demo video of that.

After 10 years I feel very fortunate to say I have gotten some big breakthroughs getting my head around this beast recently, close to posting my first video demo of the absolutely wicked sounds coming from this dream machine.

About to start recording a new track soon. It will be a chilling spine-tingler.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Venom Reactivator Synth Demo 4 M-Audio/Avid

Download these patches from this post..
Here are some new original Venom patches I've made recently.
- 73 Tines. A smoother EP like Rhodes, Wurlitzer with a digital character.
- SuperJuVee. Thick Roland JV-1080 Soundtrack strings with soft Venom grit.
- Tank!: A loosely Atari-2600 sound effect inspired by the tank game in 'combat' and 'Pole Position'.
- Novachord. Ancient Hammond synthesizer from the 1940's used in eerie old sci-fi movies.
- The Chills. A real spine-tingler that will be used in my upcoming track 'Polar'. (Unreleased patch.)
- Sex Object. Digital or FM-based bowed string inspired by a Kraftwerk track.
- Deep Sweep. Thick analog atmospheric pad.
- Dy$on. Venom does Hoover-style rave genre sounds. Mod Wheel controls suction.
- WoodblkRok. Highly addictive percussive hollow sound for dance music.
- FullChoir. There are a few little tricks to get some male/female formants going.
- SuperGate. Percussive 'thwonk' taking full advantage of the Venom's reverb gate. For dance and pop music."