Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Hohner String Melody II Demo (Logan)

Here is a demo of my recently acquired (and revived) Hohner String Melody II. It is a beautiful sounding string machine from the 70's. This video hopefully supplements some of the information that is currently available out there.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Thermion (live)

At last, here is my first live performance video featuring the track 'Thermion'.

- M-Audio Venom lead, pads
- Korg Microkorg bass
- E-mu ESI-32 samples, drums
- Roland MC-50 mk-I
Main FX Chain
- Kaoss Quad, Custom GSSL Compressor, BBE
- MXR Phase 100, Boss RE-20, RT-20
- Alesis Multimix-8

Friday, October 7, 2011

New Setup

The new setup is pretty close to done. I've replaced the EFX-500 with a Kaoss Quad for live looping and other realtime effects. The MC-50 has also taken the place of the MMT-8 sequencer. The MMT-8 was a breeze to use but had severely limited memory storage even with the midi data skimmed way back. I've also needed to bring in a MicroKorg to help with the synth tracks as the Venom can only do so much. Here are some updated pics. Live performances are soon to commence and post on youtube!
^ A look at the rack case: ESI-32 sampler (top), power strip, BBE, and a couple of custom built units - the GSSL mixbus compressor and JH Triple Chorus (bottom).
^ The Alesis Multimix-8 is working out really well with 2 effects sends/returns and 3-band eq.
^ Suitcase starting from top corner: RE-20, RT-20, Phase-100, Kaoss Quad, MC-50.